Tips for elevating your man cave into the ultimate retreat

(BPT) – The desire to have a personal retreat within a home transcends generations, which is why man caves continue to be popular with guys of all ages and personality types, especially during the past year. While there’s something special about having a space to call your own, not all man caves are created equal. There are a few ways you can elevate the space to make a man cave that’s the envy of all your friends.

Whether you’re a recent college grad setting up your space for the first time, a dad who’s perfecting his man cave or anything in between, here are top features to consider for creating your ultimate in-home retreat.

Decide on design

To start, what separates a man cave from just a spare room, or the basement, is a cohesive design. The good news is you can create the space to be anything you want to perfectly reflect your personality. Incorporate your interests to customize the design, so if you’re into sports, gaming or the outdoors, add art and accent pieces that reflect these interests and really make the space one of a kind.

Upgrade your screen

Entertainment is the focal point of any man cave worthy of the name. If you really want to take that cave to the ultimate level, consider adding an LG OLED TV, such as the LG C1. The C1 screen is capable of producing perfect blacks, intense colors and high contrasts that bring each vivid picture to life. The LG C1 is the perfect TV for everything from the big game to the latest fast-action movies, and with the largest range of available sizing options, it’s a versatile option for any size room — or man cave.

Up your game

If gaming is your main focus, try a top-notch monitor for an immersive experience that will bring you right into the game, such as the award-winning LG UltraGear monitors. Gaming-focused features like NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatibility, 1 millisecond GTG response times, pro-level customization and fast, vivid IPS panels will all give you an edge in your gaming.

Add amazing audio

Another flexible technology to add to your man cave is an excellent portable speaker. Whether you’re streaming the game or rocking to top hits, LG’s XBOOM Go is your go-to. Paired with Meridian’s advanced audio technology, this powerful portable speaker delivers premium quality sound. Rich treble, clear vocals and deep bass are all driven by the Dual Action Bass, which uses passive radiators to pump out dynamic bass and bold beats you can feel and hear.

Get the right seating

Function and comfort reign when selecting furniture for a man cave. Many people opt for open formats and flexible seating so they can change the space as needed. Bar stools, comfortable couches for watching TV and special chairs for gaming are all good choices to ensure no matter what you do in your man cave, you and your friends can relax. Multifunctional pieces are worth considering as well for their versatility and space-saving benefits, such as an ottoman with a top that flips to become a table.

Plan for sips and snacks

When hunger strikes, you want to be ready. Any good man cave will have some element of an eatery within, so you don’t have to scurry to the kitchen to scrounge up snacks. A full bar fits the bill, but if you don’t have the budget or space, consider alternatives to keep you and the guys hydrated and fueled. A mini fridge keeps drinks on hand and chilled to perfection, and by dedicating a few cabinets to stocking your favorite snacks, you’re ready to satisfy sweet and salty cravings.

By making a space of your own and elevating a few select elements, you can turn an average man cave into an incredible one. Consider these additions and customizations to create a space you’ll truly love.