The possibilities of the smart kitchen of 2022 are nearly endless

(BPT) – It seems that most people have experienced a lifestyle transformation over the past two years. Remote living means more people are cooking and eating at home, creating higher standards for their kitchen space. Fortunately, the newest appliances and technology advances are meeting these demands and helping people live more comfortable, efficient lives.

Today’s reimagined kitchen is smarter, healthier and greener — designed for optimal wellness in the home. Technology is helping homeowners maximize their kitchen’s potential, giving them the ability to do things they never have before.

Tech lifestyle expert and HGTV TV personality Carley Knobloch agrees. “Consumers today have a strong desire for high-tech appliances that not only simplify their home but also allow them to live a more flexible lifestyle,” she says. “This year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show unveiled some promising hi-tech appliances making advancements in this space to help homeowners truly make the most of their living spaces.”

Here are some of the top kitchen trends of 2022 that help streamline life and modernize how you can use the kitchen space:

Rethink refrigeration

After spending increased amounts of time at home, many homeowners have decided to add more personalized rooms to their homes, like home gyms, offices, art studios, theaters and more. With that, came the desire for more versatile appliances that could fit into any of these new spaces. Products that have become increasingly popular are undercounter refrigerators, especially those that can blend easily into cabinetry. Undercounter refrigerators offer added convenience to the home, whether you need extra space for entertaining or want to keep certain cosmetics or toiletries chilled in your master suite.

Those aren’t the only refrigerators getting upgrades, the French door category also continues to be a top trend in kitchens throughout the country, but limited sizing was previously an issue for some homeowners. Now, the first-ever 48-inch French door refrigerator from Signature Kitchen Suite is opening this option to more people than ever, bringing beauty and functionality into any luxury kitchen.

Ovens with options

Warmer weather is just around the corner, meaning entertaining season is coming back in full force. The good news is you don’t need a huge kitchen to be a pro host. Many kitchen appliances today offer more functionality in one product so you can get more cooking done in one convenient space.

For instance, the latest ranges now feature double-oven designs, so you can bake or roast two dishes at different temperatures at once in separate oven cavities. LG’s new slide-in range delivers the most when it comes to multifunctional cooking with several cooking modes including ProBake Convection – the gold standard in convection technology, for even baking on every rack, every time. Plus, Air Fry helps you turn out crispy flavor to feed a crowd while Air Sous Vide locks in moisture and aroma to deliver meats, fish and poultry that are tender, juicy and consistently delicious.

For added convenience, the microwave easily connects to the range for automatic ventilation and lighting when cooking on the range’s cooktop, while InstaView technology allows you to check on the cooking progress by simply knocking twice on the glass to illuminate the interior.

More than a microwave

Does your microwave oven cook unevenly, where some parts of foods are overcooked, and others are still cold? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern smart microwaves cook foods quickly and evenly with advanced technology that provides delicious results and added features that complement the way you use your kitchen.

Thanks to the slide-out “ExtendaVent, your cooking atmosphere is kept clear and clean as it reduces the presence of smoke and lingering odors in the kitchen. Plus, cleaning has never been easier with the EasyClean interior that features a special coating to prevent food and grease from sticking.

Integrated recipes

Imagine scanning a recipe, having it populate your grocery cart so you can order the foods you need and then having your smart appliance know exactly how to cook those foods to perfection. This is now a reality thanks to the new “ThinQ Recipe” service that works with several of the cooking appliances, like LG’s new range and over-the-range microwave, and it can be easily accessed via an app. Now you can search, plan, purchase and cook delicious recipes whenever you want from the comfort of your kitchen. The new tool even offers over 10,000 shoppable recipes via Walmart and Amazon Fresh delivery services. Plus, with the Scan to Cook feature, you can easily scan the UPC barcode on select ready-made meals to remotely set temperature and cooking time.

As Knobloch points out, we’re all likely going to continue to spend more time cooking, eating and enjoying time together in your kitchen. To make the most of the space and your time, these smart appliances are a smart investment.