Spring refresh: 5 easy indoor projects to freshen up your home

(BPT) – While spring cleaning tends to get the most attention this time of year, the best way to usher in the new season is by giving your home a warm-weather refresh. There’s no need to go out and buy all new furniture and décor or undertake a major renovation to give your current interior a fresh look and feel, though — small tweaks can make just as big of an impact!

Spruce up interior spaces with these five simple do-it-yourself projects that can be tackled over a weekend.

Restore and reorganize décor

An easy way to give your living space a mini makeover is to reinvigorate existing décor. Start by repairing any damaged or broken decorative pieces such as frames, vases or display items using DAP RapidFuse Gel Control Applicator. Providing a precise, clean and controlled application on a variety of materials including plastics, wood, rubber, metal, ceramics and more, this gel adhesive is perfect for uneven or vertical applications and sets in just 30 seconds for a completely mess-free repair. Finish up by finding new homes for your prized décor pieces for a completely new look.

Update bathroom hardware

Nothing dates a bathroom more than an outdated faucet. Give your vanity a facelift by swapping out old fixtures with updated designs to help revitalize the sink. But don’t stop there — replacing stained or worn-down caulk can give the entire bathroom a fresh look while preventing future moisture damage. Make sure to use a siliconized sealant, such as DAP’s Kwik Seal Ultra. It’s water ready in four hours and offers lifetime mold and mildew protection, so it stays looking clean, fresh and new.

Brighten interior walls

Whether you want your space to feel more spacious, a bit brighter or even more soothing, a new paint color can do the trick. Everything from earthy, jewel tones to natural, more neutral aesthetics are trending this year. When selecting your color, sticking within the shade family of one of your longtime favorite colors will help guarantee the color brings you joy for years to come. Looking to ease in? Give an accent wall a shot!

Repair holes in the drywall

Before you start painting a room, make sure you take the time to repair any nicks, dents or holes in the drywall for a polished and professional finished result. Whether the damage is small from a picture frame nail or anchor, or as large as doorknob damage, new Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patches come in three sizes and make repairing holes in drywall so fast and easy, anyone can do it. No spackling or sanding. Just apply and paint for a completely mess-free repair in minutes.

Upgrade lighting

If your ceiling is still sporting a decades-old light fixture, revitalize it with something a little more modern. The same goes for lampshades and light fixtures. Swapping these out with new, upgraded looks is a simple and budget-friendly way to update any room in an afternoon. To complete your lighting update, consider replacing your current light bulbs with LED bulbs, which will provide a cooler light while helping reduce your energy bill.

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