How to show your appliances some extra love this spring

(BPT) – This past year we’ve all made a few changes to our daily lives, but one thing has remained constant — your appliances. It’s easy to forget these machines are working hard in the background, but they’re always helping to keep your household running smoothly. In the spirit of spring cleaning, let’s give some extra love to our dedicated appliances, so they can keep performing at their best. Here are spring cleaning must-dos from Maytag appliance experts.

Deep cleaning for a fresh start
Deep cleaning your appliances may not be top of mind, but it’s important for them to have a good, thorough cleaning to keep everything looking like new.

  • Refrigerators will benefit from regular cleaning every three months, inside and out. This helps maximize storage while maintaining a fresh environment for your groceries. Make sure to wipe down all surfaces and skip the harsh chemicals. Try white vinegar and baking soda to keep out unwanted chemical smells. Finish off by wiping the outside with soap and water or with a special cleaner like affresh Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray.
  • A dirty oven not only looks bad but can cause unpleasant smells in the kitchen. Clean every part of your oven by removing all racks and soaking in hot, soapy water to remove any leftover food and grease. Next create a spreadable paste of baking soda and water and cover the entire inside cavity. After 20 minutes, spray with lemon juice or vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth until clean. Maytag cleaning experts actually advise against chemical oven cleaners, as these products contain harsh chemicals and release fumes that can linger in your oven long after cleaning is done.
  • Clean clothes require having a clean washer. Follow these four easy steps every 30 washes to help keep your washing machine clean. Clean the tub, clean the dispensers, clean in and around the door and lastly clean the outside.
  • Dryers produce a lot of lint, and without proper cleaning can become a fire hazard due to reduced airflow and overheating. Clean the lint screen after every use and the vent screen at least every two years.

Organizing for a less stressful tomorrow

Did you know there’s a science to storing food in your fridge? Not only will your food stay fresh, but you will stay more organized and could even save some money. Here are the basics:

  • Door storage should be reserved for less perishable items such as condiments and soda.
  • Shelves are great for every day, non-produce items. Group similar foods together to eliminate the need for searching.
  • Deli drawers have slightly colder temperatures than the rest of the fridge making it ideal for meats and cheeses.
  • High humidity crisper drawers help thin skin produce like spinach and citrus fruits stay fresh, while low humidity crisper drawers are great for thick skin produce such as peppers and avocados.

Replacing parts for optimal performance

  • Many refrigerators have water filling stations, and the filter should be changed every six months. There is a quick way to replace your water filter in under five minutes. Once replaced, you can enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water.
  • If dishes begin to have grit and grime after they’re cleaned, this can indicate that your dishwasher filter needs a cleaning. On select dishwashers, locate the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher. Remove it by turning it counterclockwise and pulling up. Rinse out the filter under the faucet to remove most soils and debris, and once clean, reinstall.
  • A well-lit oven is essential for efficiently tracking the progress of dishes. You can change your oven light in five easy steps.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or still figuring out how to adult, spring cleaning is a great time to give back to your home and appliances. For more expert tips and tricks to keep your appliances running and looking their best, visit the Maytag Info Hub at