Delicate harmonies create balance in the bath

(BPT) – The bath space should feel spa-like in nature and create a sense of tranquility. To establish balance within the bath, coordinate different design styles and incorporate striking natural details. Bathrooms that push the boundaries on contrast, while maintaining a minimalistic tone, create the most coveted sanctuaries.

Natural minimalism

Consider choosing earth tones like mocha and rust to bring richness and warmth to the bath. The addition of texture also disrupts the uniformity of a space. For instance, larger visual elements like pebble flooring, a stone tub or a concrete window bench deliver unexpected interruption without feeling obtrusive. Additionally, incorporating organic touches such as live plants or greenery balances the raw minimalism of the unfinished materials. Complete the space with a custom-made mirror with warm backlighting for a functional and luxurious finishing touch.

Stunning combinations

Nero Marquina is renowned for its rich black hues and distinctive white veining. Movement varies by slab, and when paired with hand-selected stone that complements or contrasts the marble, the space becomes the perfect backdrop for a luxurious soak. Further experiment with hardware and fixtures throughout the space to create additional smaller pops of contrast. For instance, the classic combination of gold and onyx works effortlessly as a standalone element, or beautifully when incorporated against a monochromatic feature.

Perfect imperfection

Embrace the beauty found in imperfections, a key element of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. A deeply veined marble wall, such as Calacatta Macaubas Quartzite, alludes to both the principles of wabi-sabi and to “Kintsugi,” the Japanese method of repairing broken pottery using lacquer dusted with powdered gold. Select additional elements that carry these philosophies through the space, such as the Single-Handle Lavatory Faucet from the Kintsu Bath Collection by Brizo. The faucet handle displays clean, unbroken lines while in the off position, demonstrating the streamlined form of Scandinavian minimalism. When in use, the handle creates a broken visual line, celebrating the principles of wabi-sabi.

Exquisite details

Opt for strong geometric shapes as both primary and supporting elements within the bath. A cherry wood vanity can act as the focal point or as an understated base to house a variety of accessories. Create stunning contrast with light and dark tones by adding a mother of pearl soap dish or inlaid cabinet hardware against black lacquered surfaces. From small accents to larger statement pieces, establishing a balanced aesthetic within the bath will instill a sense of peace and make for a calming space.