Your weekend, your time: 5 great tips for shaking the Sunday blues

(BPT) – Do you sometimes find yourself feeling less than optimistic as your weekend draws to a close each Sunday?

If so, you’re far from alone. Stats recently published on indicate 81% of workers have experienced the “Sunday scaries” in anticipation of the work week ahead. Still, it’s important to fend off those encroaching feelings and preserve the quality of your Sunday afternoon, since weekends are generally intended to help people relax, rejuvenate and enjoy time with family and friends.

In that spirit, here are five suggestions to help energize your Sunday.

Be intentional about weekend plans. Plan ahead so you spend your weekend time doing what you really need or want to do — whether that involves resting, having adventures, spending quality time with family or completing projects — instead of simply waiting for things to unfold. Fulfilling your plan can help you feel more in control, ward off procrastination, provide a sense of accomplishment and eliminate any sense of having “wasted” your weekend.

Incorporate activities you love. Spend part of your weekend doing something you enjoy. It’s all too easy to get caught up in activities you feel you have to do — social obligations, errands, chores, volunteer commitments, etc. — that you never have time for the things that give you pleasure.

Maintain a cheerful environment. Instead of winding down your weekend in a space that’s cluttered, dark and stuffy, make sure your physical living area is neat, clean, well-lit and boosts your energy. A little scent therapy in the form of a candle, room spray or plug-in oil can be the mood boost; for example, the new Coastal Sunshine Citrus™ fragrance from Glade® is designed to energize your space by delivering a fresh breath of coastal air, a splash of citrus and a pop of pineapple.

Consider disconnecting from your phone and computer. Keep thoughts of work from encroaching on your weekend psyche by unplugging from your screens until Monday morning. Protect your mental and emotional space from the stress of the working world and focus on self-care instead, which can help you avoid career burnout and begin each work week renewed and refreshed.

Prioritize sleep and eating habits. Disregarding your normal patterns on the weekends — perhaps by skipping meals, overindulging in junk food, failing to stay hydrated or staying up until the wee hours — can easily backfire by Sunday night. Following healthy habits can enhance your general sense of well-being and set you up well for the start of your work week.

Sundays are a key part of every weekend, so don’t waste them thinking about Mondays. Strive for a healthy work-life balance by claiming each Sunday for yourself, your own pursuits and your own self-care.