Your Recipe for Baking Feel-Good Treats This Holiday Season

(BPT) – ‘Tis the season for warming up our homes with delicious baked goods and showing gratitude for those around us. Whether you celebrate the moment with new recipes featuring seasonal ingredients or tried-and-true family favorites, consider these tips for making feel-good treats.

  1. Discover ingredients that do double-duty. Try ingredients that do more than just add flavor to your recipe. Foods like prunes contain natural elements which help heighten the flavors of other ingredients while adding moisture to your baked goods. Adding prunes or dates can add moisture and texture to your baked goods while also adding a touch of natural sweetness too.
  2. Sweet loves savory. This spring we spent time perfecting our favorite sourdough, focaccia and pizza dough recipes. Put those skills to good use by satisfying your savory taste buds in a traditionally sweet season. Pairing savory flavors like cheese and thyme with sweet flavors like dried cherries in a delicious pull-apart bread gives taste buds a multi-sensory experience.
  3. Make smart substitutions. Next time you are looking to make a delicious, yet nutritious, baked good, consider swapping out the butter and oils for prune puree to reduce calories and enhance flavors. For one stick of butter, you can substitute a half cup of prune puree and a half stick of butter. You can also substitute prune puree for added sugar in a 1:1 ratio in baked goods.
  4. Bake it forward. In a year unlike any other, baked goods are a way to express gratitude and emotion for those around you. Sharing wholesome goodies is a great way to let someone know how much they mean to you. Consider baking up a batch of your favorite treats and delivering them — safely — to friends, family and neighbors!

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