What kind of gardener are you? Explore these 4 fall trends to find out

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(BPT) – As summer winds down and cooler temperatures emerge, it’s time to embrace the vibrant colors and bountiful rewards of fall gardening. What better time to dig into your gardening personality than the start of a new season?

While gardeners are connected by their shared love of nature, everyone has their own gardening personality. Whether it’s preferring indoor or outdoor gardening, tending to flowers or vegetables or even specific color palettes, every gardener is unique. That’s why Ball Horticultural Company offers a plethora of plants to fit each gardening persona.

Knowing what kind of gardener you are can help determine what plants to grow in your garden this fall. Read on to unlock your gardening persona and learn which fall trends can help you achieve success this season.

The edibles expert

If you love to grow and harvest your own food, then you may be a veggie gardener! This fall, take your containers to the next level by mixing leafy vegetables with edible fall flowers.

Consider mixing your lettuce and kale plants with brightly colored Cool Wave® Pansies, all three of which thrive in the cool temperatures. You can even reap the benefits of this combination by creating a lettuce and kale salad topped with a colorful pansy garnish. This Instagram-worthy dish is perfect for fall entertaining.

Don’t let the cold weather put a stop to your passion. Take gardening indoors by growing Kitchen Minis® Quick Snack Cucumbers on a sunny windowsill or counter. These delicious, easy-to-grow cucumbers are cocktail-sized, so you can enjoy their crisp, fresh taste straight from the vine or easily incorporate them into your fall recipes.

The moonlight gardener

Do you enjoy spending cool evenings outdoors with friends and family on your patio, balcony or around the firepit? Maybe you even enjoy gardening at night under the stars. Moonlight gardeners make the most of crisp autumn evenings outside. If you identify as a moonlight gardener, this fall, opt for plants that draw the eye, even in the dark.

Look for silver foliage plants like Centaurea Silver Swirl. The plant’s stunning silver-white leaves will brighten any outdoor space and it’s durable enough to last well past the season. You can also consider planting Begonia Dragon Wing® White and enjoy the look of its angel-wing leaves and large blooms all through fall until the first frost.

The eco-enjoyer

While all gardeners invest in and depend on the environment, the eco-gardener is passionate about growing flowers that benefit flora and fauna alike.

Help wildlife and foraging pollinators by planting Echinacea Double Scoop™ Deluxe Watermelon, which will provide songbirds a meal of spent seed heads. Additionally, bees and other pollinators can continue their work well into the fall if they have access to plants like Rudbeckia Goldblitz, which shows its true colors in late summer and fall. As beautiful as they are beneficial, these nectar-rich flowers will be attractive to pollinators and passersby alike.

The plant gifting go-getter

From a gorgeous fresh flower bouquet to a cheery potted plant, this gardening personality expresses their love by sharing the power of plants!

Plant gifters often opt for captivating colors to brighten up their outdoor spaces. Xochi Marigold not only adds vibrance and whimsy to fall gardens, but their late-October blooms also make a beautiful fresh-cut bouquet, or fun flower crown, with just a quick visit to your backyard or patio. The charming two-toned petals of Pink Kisses Dianthus will provide a cheerful energy to all your house guests this fall.

Which gardener are you? Whether you’re one or a combination of these gardeners, there are many plants you can enjoy and share with your loved ones this fall. To find the right plants for your garden, visit the experts at BallHort.com.