Unlocking hidden potential: 5 ways to elevate your laundry room

(BPT) – When you’re seeking ways to optimize your home, it’s easy to overlook the humble laundry room. But there are many ways to improve your experience of this room, making it more functional and attractive. A beautifully appointed laundry room is a sight to behold, helping to transform ordinary tasks into enjoyable routines.

If you’re ready to turn your laundry room into a space you love, consider these upgrades.

1. Shed some light on the subject

Is your laundry room too dark? Improving the room’s lighting will make daily chores easier to do while also making the room feel more bright and cheerful. You may need to add several recessed lights to really see well, especially if there’s no window, and cooler-colored LED lights can help you sort colors better.

Consider adding a window if possible, or enlarging an existing window to boost natural light. Applying a fresh coat of light-colored or white paint can also make any space feel open and airy.

2. Make it functional and multi-purpose

Every good laundry room needs a utility sink deep enough to soak soiled clothing. How about a sink you can also use to bathe your dog? You can create the perfect pet beauty parlor with a 12″ deep Cairn Utility Sink from KOHLER. It offers a generous workspace, along with a stainless steel utility sink and accompanying wash bin. Both slide on the ledge in the sink, so you can tailor it to suit your needs. The offset drain increases the sink’s workspace as well as potential for storage underneath. Its soft curves and matte finish add beauty to any room, and you can choose one of six colors to suit your design: White, Black, Taupe, Grey, Graphite, Brown and Black Plum. The sink is made of KOHLER Neoroc composite material that’s extremely durable and will resist scratches and stains.

To make it easier to use your new sink for washing your pet or anything else, choose a handshower or faucet that functions well and looks even better. KOHLER’s Awaken four-function handshower provides advanced spray performance with three distinct sprays — wide coverage, intense drenching or targeted — with the smooth rotation of a thumb tab.

Or consider the Crue touchless pull-down sink faucet with a three-function sprayhead. The Crue faucet collection represents a true high point in user-focused, sophisticated plumbing design. The contemporary silhouette — a simple arched spout and single lever handle — offers a straightforward style that adapts to nearly any room design, and the touchless functionality makes tasks simpler.

3. Get organized

Increasing shelving and/or cupboard space is always smart for a laundry room upgrade. If you select open shelving, use matching baskets, boxes or trays to create a unified look. Make sure to include a large drying rack to hang delicates and other items that need to be air dried.

One idea that’s seriously trending is combining the laundry area with the mudroom, which helps contain the mess coming in from outside. When designing your mudroom/laundry room, make sure to provide sturdy benches for sitting and removing boots — ideally with space inside for added storage.

Not just for kitchens anymore, installing an island in your laundry room is a great way to provide the perfect folding space — and another opportunity to add more storage underneath. Limited space? Consider using a rolling kitchen cart.

4. Elevate the situation

One way to truly elevate your laundry room is to put your machines up on pedestals. This option not only makes maintenance and cleaning a lot easier, but is also much gentler on your back — you’ll do a lot less leaning and bending over every laundry day.

5. Flaunt your style

There’s no reason your laundry room can’t also be pretty. Consider bright paint colors or whimsical wallpaper when you’re giving the room a makeover. Fun art accents and even a whiteboard or chalkboard for laundry instructions (or playful notes!) may encourage more family members to join the laundry routine.

Even achieving a couple of these upgrades can make a big difference in how you use and perceive the humble laundry room. Following through with all of them might just make it your favorite room in the house.