Unbeatable value: 5 easy ways to save on shopping

(BPT) – If you’re concerned about today’s rising grocery costs, you’re not alone. Because of higher expenses, Americans are trying to stretch paychecks further to put food on the table every day. This means shopping smart and maximizing deals that come your way. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to save money and time as you shop for your family each week.

Here are tips to help you make the most of your hard-earned dollars.

1. Plan meals ahead

Planning out your menus each week can really help save on shopping. Not only will you ensure you’re buying items you’ll really use, but you can plan for double-batch cooking and using leftovers. The other great advantage of meal planning is reducing food waste as well as having to make additional shopping trips that end up costing you more. Make sure to prioritize using fresh items with a shorter shelf- or fridge-life first.

2. Opt for one-stop shopping

Time is money — and so is gas — so being able to shop for all your essentials at one place is a sure way to save. Finding a location offering everything your family needs allows you to limit trips.

Your best option is a location offering unbeatable value and convenience on everyday grocery items, such as BJ’s Wholesale Club, where members can find incredible low prices on everything they need to stock the fridge and pantry, including fresh foods, bakery goods, deli items, fresh meat, produce and more. BJ’s beats supermarket prices on national brands every day, saving families up to 25% off grocery store prices.

3. Choose convenience

The benefits of online shopping are endless — you save time not having to cruise the aisles and you avoid last-minute impulse purchases that break your budget.

Shopping at BJ’s makes the most of this convenience. If you’re a member, you can shop at home and choose curbside pickup or in-club pickup, same-day delivery or ship-to-home either on BJs.com or using the BJ’s mobile app. You can get groceries delivered right to your door in as little as two hours with same-day delivery. If you’re in-club, you can use BJ’s Express Pay to scan items as you shop, pay in the app and go — skipping the line on the way out.

“I absolutely love that BJ’s offers same-day delivery. I find it especially helpful when I’m hosting friends and family because when you have five kids, there are always last-minute changes,” said Audrey McClelland, BJ’s spokesperson. “I’ve been in a position when I’m meal planning for dinner and frantically realize I’m missing an important ingredient or more people get added to the guest list. I used to get super stressed and have to pack all the kids into the car, but now I just open the BJ’s mobile app on my phone and get groceries delivered right to my door in as little as two hours.”

4. Add digital coupons and exclusive store brands for more savings

Look for places like BJ’s that offer great deals. For example, it’s easy to “clip” digital coupons in the BJ’s app and add items to your cart without leaving the coupons page. With Express Pay, you can scan items and clip coupons as you shop to ensure you have the latest deals. Members can also stack savings using BJ’s coupons on top of manufacturers’ coupons — a perk you won’t find at other warehouse clubs.

With BJ’s exclusive brands, members save even more on family essentials without sacrificing quality with a large selection of Wellsley Farms natural and organic products at unmatched value.

5. Find the right wholesale club membership for you

Knowing how you’ll benefit from membership helps you choose the best club. BJ’s is now adding Same-Day Select Membership add-ons so members can save even more — with Same-Day Delivery for one year, which offers more deliveries for less. You can choose between two options: the Multipack offering, giving members 12 free deliveries for a year for $55, or the Unlimited option, which gives members unlimited free same-day delivery for a year for $100. The Same-Day Select Multipack pays for itself after just four deliveries, and the Unlimited option pays for itself in seven deliveries.

Interested in getting started? Find the BJ’s location nearest you at BJs.com and join today.