Top 9 reasons to carry a non-disposable lighter

(BPT) – Certain household items have become absolute necessities for good reason — they have a wide range of potential uses, and you’re always glad you have them around when you need them. One of these everyday essentials is a non-disposable lighter, which has myriad uses, from the practical to the fun.

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Here are the top 9 reasons you will want to have a non-disposable lighter with you at all times.

Everyday practicality

Whether indoors or out, these are just a few of the types of occasions when you may need to have a lighter handy.

1. Light your candles: Whenever you need to light candles — whether due to a power outage or to light up a festive celebration — having a sturdy, reliable lighter on hand is extremely convenient.

2. From camping to glamping: You’ll also be happy you have a good quality lighter with you when you’re out camping and need to get a campfire started, or need to light a portable kerosene or gas lantern.

3. The deep freeze: In the winter, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get a key into a frozen lock. With a lighter, you can apply heat to the key before inserting into the lock.

Beautify your life

A brief, precise application of heat from a non-disposable lighter is sometimes all you need to smooth out your beauty routine.

4. Glam up your eyeliner: Using your lighter, you can heat the tip of your pencil eyeliner — just for a second — to create a sharper line and a more liquid-liner look, with an intense finish.

5. Broken lipstick hack: Your favorite lipstick broke? No worries. Heat up the base and the broken end of your lipstick a bit, smooth out using a cotton swab, then heat again to stick the broken piece back on. Hold carefully or reassemble on a plate to safeguard your fingertips as you melt around the break and smooth to make sure it’s fully reassembled, then let cool.

6. Smooth out beauty products: If you’re having trouble using products such as lip liner or stick foundation because they’re pulling at your skin when you apply them, use a flick from your lighter to warm up the makeup a little, so it will glide on more smoothly.

Fun and games

Whether you’re entertaining or crafting, a non-disposable lighter can have plenty of uses.

7. Bring a sparkle to your celebrations: From the Fourth of July to New Year’s Eve and beyond, you’ll need that lighter to get your festive sparklers going, or to set off fireworks.

8. Make it go viral: Click your lighter to take part in the TikTok lighter transition challenge.

9. Get crafty: Lighters can be useful for all kinds of creative arts and crafts applications, including melting decorative sealing wax. No hot glue gun? No problem. Use a lighter to heat the end of a glue stick instead.

Make sure you’ve got a handy, reliable, non-disposable lighter around when you need one. Visit to check out your options.