Top 5 tips for your next family sports experience

(BPT) – If it’s one thing Americans love, it’s sports. Nothing can bring family and friends together quite like watching your favorite team go for the goal. Whether you’re bonding over watching your favorite hockey team win the tournament, playing catch in the backyard or cheering on your child at peewee soccer, you’re building unforgettable moments together that will last a lifetime.

One way to create these memories is to plan family sports days. Head out and support your local sports teams of all levels — professional, semi-pro and collegiate — or cheer on your friends and family as they shine on the field. Doing so will help you spend quality time with your loved ones, create traditions and make touchstone moments you’ll look back on fondly years from now.

Like the pros, you’ll need a game plan to make the most of your family sports day. Make sure you follow these five tips to take your upcoming sports excursion to the next level.

1. Do your research

If you’re traveling to a sporting event, see what else is in the area to make the most of the day. Is there a sports museum you can visit as you wait for an afternoon or evening game? Do you want to find a restaurant so you can enjoy a delicious dinner before you head to the stadium or after the game? Do your research to properly plan your day so you can have fun before and after the main sporting event and make the most of your time together.

2. Stock up on snacks and beverages

No sports day would be complete without treats and drinks. Think about what nuts and fruits you’ll want to munch on during the game. Also, think about what sports drinks or waters you want to take.

Don’t forget to bring a fun treat for the family! A classic snack like a CRUNCH Bar adds more fun and playfulness to your sport outing experiences and memories. This MVP of snacks is the perfectly balanced combination of 100% milk chocolate and crispy rice that makes an audible, satisfying crunch that will have you jumping for joy as your team scores another home run.

3. Pick up the fan gear

Just like the pros, you can’t go to the big game without the proper gear. In addition to wearing team jerseys, you’ll want to bring along a few additional necessities to thoroughly enjoy the sporting event.

For a sunny sports day, make sure you have sunscreen, a hat or visor, a water bottle and a handheld fan to keep you and your family cool and comfortable through the game. If you’re attending an indoor sporting event or a match during the cooler months, don’t leave without a jacket, mittens or beanie to stay warm in the stands as you watch your favorite player score the winning goal.

Most importantly, ensure your phone is fully charged or bring a digital camera to capture your family’s smiling faces throughout the game.

4. Arrive early

While you could get to the stadium just as the game starts, it’s smart to plan to arrive early. If you’re driving to the event, decide if you’ll park at the stadium, use public transport, or park nearby and walk. Get there early to find a parking space and avoid a last-minute rush that could make you late for the game.

Getting to the sports event early also allows your family to find your seats and settle in before the game. Take this time to go to the bathroom, check out the concession stand and get any gifts or memorabilia to commemorate the day.

5. Have fun and make memories

Between the packing, planning and travel, don’t forget to have fun! Get excited, practice chants on your drive over, and focus on being present for every moment. This may be just another sporting event, but these moments make memories you and your kids will remember long after the final buzzer sounds.

Following these helpful tips will make your next family sports day a guaranteed home run!

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