Top 5 kitchen trends to try in the new year on any budget

(BPT) – When designing your dream kitchen, it’s important to balance timeless features with modern colors, patterns and textures that reflect your personality and style — especially since, now more than ever, it provides a place to cook, eat, work and entertain. A beautifully designed kitchen can also boost the home’s resale value in the future.

“Kitchen design trends for 2023 nod to the past and focus on increasing convenience, comfort and personal style,” said Kaley Galinksy, a merchant at The Home Depot. “Whether you’re planning on renovating, remodeling, or simply updating your existing space, there’s endless inspiration and affordable ways to achieve the most sought-after trends for kitchens in the coming year.”

To make sure your kitchen renovations are stylish and up to date, here are five kitchen design trends that will be big in 2023, according to The Home Depot.

1. Return to traditionalist

In 2023, you’ll see a return to classic, timeless and sophisticated black that offers a sense of comfort and familiarity of traditional designs. To update your home so that it’s always in style, choose classic, timeless palettes of black, white, creams and neutrals.

If you want to add interest to your home, use patterns and classic materials like marble, especially when it comes to your kitchen. High-contrast kitchens with classic lines and black finished cabinets and countertops are making a comeback and result in a striking kitchen makeover.

Cabinetry has a heavy influence on your kitchen’s overall design style and can help you achieve a new look in less time. With a cabinet makeover, you keep your existing kitchen layout and get all-new doors, drawer fronts and hardware, plus optional upgrades such as pull-out shelves, cabinet lighting and more.

2. Art deco revival

In the coming year, interior designers predict a renewed interest in the art deco styles of the roaring ’20s. To achieve this trend in your home, incorporate brighter colors, geometric patterns, luxurious fabrics and shiny surfaces.

Add or replace the backsplash in your kitchen using geometric-shaped tiles in greens and golds for a sleek and elegant look.

3. Modern organic

A renewed focus on natural and organic materials will continue to make their way into kitchens in the form of warmer finishes, soft and organic shapes, as well as mixing finishes and materials like concrete, wood, rattan and metals.

For homeowners looking to embrace this modern organic trend, interior designers recommend introducing textured white oaks paired with honed black or dark gray countertops for your next kitchen remodel. For cabinets, slab doors are still popular, but the newer thin shaker is gaining popularity. You can even use the free Kitchen Estimator tool to select your design options and get a fast estimate.

4. Home retreat

Your home should be a sanctuary from the stressors of day-to-day life. This year, many homeowners will transform their homes into personal havens that help minimize stresses and prioritize a sense of calm.

For those that retreat to the kitchen for self-care, an easy way to remove stressors is to reduce clutter with a well-organized pantry. Custom organization systems help add functionality and streamline your kitchen with stylish storage solutions, while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite appliances whenever you need them.

5. Modern cozy

For renovators who want their home’s interior to be warm and inviting, they should opt for a modern cozy style. This trend is inspired by the shabby chic style of the ’80s but updated with fewer over-the-top embellishments, paired with darker paints and a focus on coziness and nostalgic familiarity.

New flooring can serve as an anchor design for the rest of the kitchen. Consider installing luxury vinyl plank flooring in your kitchen — a durable, affordable and water- and stain-resistant option that’s also easy to clean. Pair it with a cabinet renovation to achieve this style in your home.

If you’re ready to update your kitchen in 2023, The Home Depot’s Home Services can help you create your dream kitchen! Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or just a few updates, they have solutions to fit any space and every budget. Their service providers can give your cabinets a facelift or install new ones, replace sinks, install flooring and update your countertops. Take advantage of free in-store and virtual design services and financing options to help make your project affordable.

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