Top 5 home improvement projects to complete this weekend

(BPT) – Time spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic had many Americans tackling the home improvement project they had been dreaming of. The top reason Americans haven’t completed their pandemic project is because it takes too much time, according to a survey conducted by Delta Faucet. Nearly 50% of people in the study think they need a professional to cross the finish line.

Home improvement experts Mike and Hannah Maiorano of Monarch Homes in Indianapolis, Indiana, weighed in on the study results and share some of the easiest, fastest and most affordable home improvement projects that have big payoff for the look and function of your space.

1. New kitchen faucet

One of the top home improvements Americans want completed in a weekend is a kitchen refresh, according to the study. The Maioranos’ favorite way to update a kitchen is to install a modern faucet. “It only takes about two hours to complete — even for DIY beginners — and has a great impact on how you experience your kitchen every day,” said Mike.

Popular features include a pull-down spout and touch operation, where you simply touch the faucet on, and touch it off. They prefer Delta Faucet kitchen faucets, which offer both of these technologies, as well as a large range of modern styles and finishes. You can shop these styles at

2. Make your bathroom shine

Nearly a third of survey respondents said a bathroom refresh is the project most nagging them to complete. When a full renovation isn’t in the plans, it’s surprisingly easy to achieve a modern look by swapping out your toilet. As for not having the right tools, some manufacturers actually make toilets that install with no tools at all.

If you don’t have the option of switching your toilet, consider upgrading your bathroom accessories like towel bars and toilet flush levers. These require very little time, but 72% of survey takers think they impact the look of a newly completed space. “Remember, it’s OK to mix and match metals like chrome, brass and black,” said Hannah.

3. Get smart

One way to easily bring your home or apartment up to date is by updating outlets and switches to smart switches. This technology allows you to turn on lights from your phone or a voice command to a smart home assistant. They’re fairly easy to install with a screwdriver in about 15 minutes or less and open a world of customization to your space.

4. Make an entrance

Another quick and easy home upgrade is to update your door hardware, like knobs, levers and hinges, with modern styles and finishes. “These are often overlooked, but they’re the first impression of a room,” said Hannah. The home expert duo recommends ones with strong lines to modernize your entryways. And try to update all the doors with the same hardware to achieve consistency in your home or apartment.

5. Brighten the block

An easy outdoor hack the Maioranos use at a lot of their renovation properties is replacing old, tarnished light fixtures with new styles. And when you’re done installing, finish the project by inserting a 40-watt soft white light bulb. “We’ve found these to be the perfect level for a welcoming night-time glow,” said Hannah.

Inside or outside, plumbing or lighting, you can start enjoying these five quick and easy home improvement projects as soon as this weekend. Happy renovating!