Tired of the same old lettuce? Check out these 3 bright and fresh salad recipes

(BPT) – Dining out can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes you just want a night in or simply don’t have the time for a sit-down meal at a restaurant. You could order takeout, but there’s a certain joy and satisfaction in recreating the same delectable dishes within the comfort of your own kitchen.

Making restaurant-style meals at home may seem daunting, but there are several dishes that you can prepare without being a culinary genius. In fact, an easy way to expand your kitchen prowess and eat fresh, tasty, restaurant-inspired meals is to try new salad recipes.

To help you explore your culinary passions and delight your taste buds, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has teamed up with Litehouse Inc. to launch five restaurant-style dressings, including Thai, Ranch, Caesar, Italian and BBQ Ranch that embody the restaurant’s spirit of creativity and convenience with a California twist, just in time for summer!

While you can use these dressings on anything you eat, it’s nice to have simple, quick, tasty recipes to try. Check out these three CPK-inspired recipes that will shake up your mealtime and encourage you to try new, bold, unique flavor profiles.

1. Thai Steak Salad

If you’re looking for a satisfying, fresh summer salad, look no further! CPK’s Thai steak salad recipe is a wonderful mix of tender meat and fresh vegetables that will keep you happy and full long after your meal. A peanut-flavored (yet peanut free!) Thai dressing like CPK’s is a must for a restaurant-style meal. You can also use the dressing for other salads, pasta dishes and as a dipping sauce for spring rolls.

2. Baja Shrimp Fajita Salad

This zesty shrimp fajita salad will have you dreaming of a seaside vacation. Tossing the shrimp in a savory spice creates a wonderful contrast to the salad’s fresh green mix. Topped with CPK’s restaurant-style ranch dressing, this salad will have you dreaming of being by the beach. Keep the bottle of ranch out to accompany your California-style pizza, a fresh Cobb salad, burgers, wings or fresh-cut veggies to elevate your at-home meal experiences!

3. Nicoise Salad

This classic French salad is a filling yet refreshing dish for lunch or dinner with plenty of protein, thanks to the hard-boiled eggs and tuna. Paired with plenty of fresh vegetables, this is a complete meal perfect for hot summer days. Don’t forget the creamy and bold CPK Caesar dressing! Not only is this dressing the key ingredient for this salad, but it’s also perfect for pasta salads and wraps.

Let these three salad recipes spark your creativity for a summer of fun, fresh meals drizzled in delicious, restaurant-style dressings for any occasion. For more inspiration about how to elevate your meals at home with new CPK salad dressings and creative recipes, visit cpkathome.com/recipe.

CPK’s new salad dressings are available at grocery retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Food Lion, HEB and other retailers across the U.S. Use this Instacart coupon and save on these bold and creative dressings.