Stop the Procrastination! 6 Quick Fixes for Household Projects You’ve Been Putting Off

(BPT) – The warmer months of the year provide a huge benefit for home renovations. It’s a slower time when you can focus on these projects rather than the hustle and bustle of wintertime. Now that summer is in full swing, there’s no better time to finish all of the plans for your home you’ve been putting off. Here are some quick and easy fixes for household projects you’ve been pushing to the bottom of your to-do list. They won’t take longer than a day or weekend to complete. Remember, sometimes the procrastination takes longer than the job itself.

1. Fix loose edge banding or decorative molding

Cracks and separations are common after years of use, but there is an easy and quick fix that can be done with the right glue. Look for a gel-based adhesive, like DAP RapidFuse Gel Control Applicator. It provides a precise, clean and controlled application that works on various materials including plastics, wood, rubber, metal, ceramics and more. This gel adhesive is perfect for uneven or vertical applications and sets in just 30 seconds for a completely mess-free repair. Just apply it to the parts that need it and your cabinets will look as good as new and stay secure.

2. Silence squeaky doors

Friction in door hinges can be caused by a build-up of dust and dirt and a lack of lubrication between the metal surface of the hinge and the hinge pin. Luckily, olive oil is a quick fix for squeaky hinges. A few drops of olive oil will easily lubricate your squeaking hinges and stop the pesky sound.

3. Unstick sticky drawers

Although sticky drawers are annoying, they can cause even more problems if left untreated — the handles can break off and the drawers themselves can come apart. If you have any drawers that regularly get stuck around the house, use drawer wax to unstick them. Apply it to the high-friction points of the drawer and it should operate faultlessly.

4. Prevent from stripping screws

When your bit first slips, it’s common to respond by adding more force — but this will only increase the potential for the screw to strip. Use Tank Bond Liquid Grip when installing new screws. Adding just a drop of Liquid Grip to the screw head provides up to seven times more grip, giving it the extra bit of surface traction needed to easily install or remove while preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your tools. The product is ideal for heavily used screws on door hardware, kitchen drawers, recreational equipment and even power tools.

5. Make invisible repairs on keepsake and delicate décor items

When an application requires a clean and clear result — whether you’re working with glass, ceramics, transparent plastics or mirrored substrates — you need an adhesive with durability and true clarity that can withstand the test of time. Offering superior clarity for crystal clear bonding performance, the new RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive bonds virtually everything to easily complete mess-free – and more importantly – aesthetically pleasing home repairs and DIY projects.

6. Organize your pantry

Organizing your pantry is one way to easily help keep your counters clutter-free. No matter how big or small your space is, it’s always good to have efficient organization. Using versatile baskets and clear containers is a great place to start. This will help you see how much food you have left and where everything is instead of being thrown on the same shelf and pushed to the back. Prioritize what you use the most and choose an organization system that works for you.

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