Outdoor fireplaces extend entertaining into fall and beyond

(BPT) – As daylight hours shorten and temperatures start to cool, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to outdoor entertaining. Autumn can provide pleasant weather that should be embraced, whether it’s enjoying nature’s colorful show during the day or stargazing at night.

The key to enhancing your fall entertaining potential is to consider ways you can make outdoor spaces more useable while ensuring its comfort and style. Whether you have a modest yard or an expansive space, the best way to do that is by installing an outdoor fireplace. With new outdoor fireplace kits featuring supplies delivered to your home, it’s an achievable DIY project for the majority of homeowners.

Fall outdoor entertaining simplified

Outdoor fireplaces provide an eye-catching focal point that enhances a home’s value and serves as the backdrop for entertaining season after season. Plus, because you can enjoy a cozy fire, you stay comfortable even when temperatures dip.

No matter the size or layout of your property, there are DIY fireplace kits that will fit your space and budget. Outdoor fireplace kits from Romanstone by Best Block are ideal for the DIYer who wants high-quality materials with curbside delivery and simple step-by-step instructions. No matter what outdoor fireplace option you select, each kit has all the supplies and materials needed to complete the project from start to finish.

DIYers appreciate that each kit is complete, including thorough instructions and all color-coded materials, including unique cuts. That means no running to the hardware store mid project to pick up supplies or having to purchase or rent special equipment to make unique cuts to materials. If you remember paint-by-numbers craft kits you may have used as a child, this has a similar system where you sort and use materials according to their color code, simplifying the project tremendously.

Inspiration for yards big and small

A DIY outdoor fireplace kit makes a seemingly complex project achievable. There are a variety of outdoor fireplace kits available so you can select the one that fits your space and budget.

For smaller spaces, the Latessa Fire Pit Kit is a good option with its smaller footprint and beautiful design. This firepit features a high rear wall design that allows you to position it nearer to fences and property lines, plus it blocks fall breezes to protect the flames. You will love the way the light and shadows of the fire dance on the rear wall and project the light forward and up.

For larger spaces and maximum impact, consider the Party Pad Patio Kit that is a circular design that features a patio, seating space and a fire pit. This kit is also designed with two columns that add style and function to the space. They can be used as tables or support for decorative lighting, plants or displaying outdoor art. Choose from different color stone combinations to create your preferred aesthetic.

Entertaining possibilities of outdoor fireplaces are virtually endless: Just imagine hosting a group of friends for cocktails after a long work week. Invite the neighbors over to watch or listen to the big game while enjoying the fresh air. Make memories with your kids by gathering to roast marshmallows and enjoy hot cider while snuggling around the crackling flames.

Be the envy of your neighbors, add to your home’s value, and most importantly, extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor space into fall and beyond. Check out the many outdoor fireplace kit options and designs at Romanstone.com. You can also explore videos and building plans to help you understand how easy these projects can be.