New year, new home: 5 inspiring trends for 2024

(BPT) – The new year brings an air of excitement and inspiration that many people channel into new projects. This year, use that energy to refresh your home! Your home should be a space that you can’t wait to return to after work, school and errands.

With a few updates, you can easily transform your living room, kitchen and bathrooms, infusing these spaces with both style and function. So, get ready to start 2024 with a home update using these five inspiring trends.

1. Embracing organic and natural tones and materials

In 2024, consider integrating soothing neutrals and rich earth tones in your home for a beautiful and clean aesthetic. Also, embrace organic and natural materials. They’re timeless and long-lasting, bringing airiness and texture to any room. You can achieve this by incorporating natural stone, wood and rattan materials in furniture, flooring and decor. Together, these natural elements and colors will create an inviting space that brings a touch of nature indoors.

2. Indulging in a spa-like bathroom

You don’t have to leave your home to have a spa experience. In 2024, transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with spa-inspired features.

For example, consider switching your current showerhead with a newer model like the Delta® ProClean™ 6-Setting Hand Shower. This powerful and practical addition to your shower features two massage spray settings so you can relax to the fullest. You can easily restart the water with the same temperature as when you left it off, providing a seamless showering experience while helping conserve water and, most importantly, your hot water supply!

Once you’re done with your shower, use the ProClean™ spray setting to clean shower surfaces at least two times faster than standard sprays, powering off soap scum and shower messes. Delta® bath products make it easy to maintain a clean bathroom.

3. Making statements with accent walls

An accent wall can completely shift the design of a room. For example, a floral wall in the bathroom or a tropical print behind the sink can bring personality to the space. So, this year, embrace your creativity and choose a color or pattern that makes a statement.

4. Investing in functional spaces

Function should be at the forefront of your mind when upgrading your home. Whether you rearrange furniture to improve flow or add technology to simplify tasks, you’ll enhance your daily life at home.

For example, opt for a faucet in the kitchen that has features that make cleaning up easier, like Delta®’s Touch2O® Technology. A simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm activates the water flow at the temperature where your faucet handle is set. The Delta® TempSense® LED light changes color to alert you to the water’s temperature and eliminate any possible surprises or discomfort. Perfect for little ones who might not realize the water is too hot to touch!

In your bathroom, add a practical and visually appealing sink faucet that enhances aesthetic appeal but also improves functionality. Opt for a model like the Stryke® Single Handle Pull-Down Bathroom Faucet, which quickly cleans toothpaste, dirt and small debris from your sink with a nimble pull-down spray wand.

The Lumicoat® Finish marries function and fashion, offering several options, including Champagne Bronze, Chrome and Matte Black. Best of all, the finish resists water spots and mineral buildup. It easily wipes clean without needing cleaners or chemicals, helping to keep your bathroom spotless.

5. Mixing styles

Why settle for one style? Mixing styles is a popular design trend, allowing you to choose styles that resonate with your multifaceted aesthetics. Combine traditional and modern elements or vintage and contemporary pieces. Experience a journey with your home renovation, find intentional inconsistencies between rooms and spaces and add more colors, textures and finishes.

This year, resolve to update your home to suit your style and everyday needs. Let these five trends inspire you in your home renovation and decoration endeavors in 2024!