Need more functionality? 4 simple ways to upgrade your laundry room

(BPT) – When you chose your home, you may not have given much thought to the size or layout of your laundry room.

With people spending more time at home now, maximizing functionality is key. Studies show that 72% of second-time home buyers consider a workable laundry room an essential feature of their homes.

Fortunately, there are options to make your existing laundry room more functional without having to tackle any renovations. Consider how these changes could make your laundry space more comfortable, convenient and easy to use:

1) Add storage space

If you’re constantly juggling detergents and ineffectively trying to separate your dirty and clean laundry, try installing utilitarian shelving and/or cabinetry that provide bigger, better storage. Through smart design, you may be able to incorporate good-sized laundry bins, racks for hanging wet clothes and/or countertops that can hold your folded laundry before it’s put away. If you have the space, an island that provides storage in the middle of the space is another option. Households with children may benefit from storage spaces where potentially harmful chemicals like bleach can be safely locked away.

2) Reconfigure your washer and dryer

Could a vertically stacked washer and dryer make your laundry processes easier and more efficient? Perhaps if they’re made by appliance specialist LG Electronics. LG’s sleek single-unit LG WashTower takes up half the floor space in your laundry room while tackling ultra-large loads. Further, LG’s exclusive Center Control™ panel is perfectly positioned for easy, ergonomic use, putting the machines’ top-of-the-line innovations and advanced cleaning power at your fingertips. Bonus? Both the washer and dryer offer extra-large capacity for all your laundry needs.

3) Upgrade your lighting

Get rid of dim lighting that makes it hard to spot stains and sort laundry with brighter, more attractive lighting that makes the room more appealing and functional. Recessed fluorescent or LED troffers and flush-mount fixtures may help preserve your ceiling space. Aim for the equivalent of 75 watts of light for a comfortable but pleasingly bright effect.

4) Consider fold-out options

If you lack the room to incorporate more storage, another option may be smartly designed tables and/or an ironing board that can fold right into the walls when they’re not in use.

Your laundry room doesn’t have to be the most underutilized, underappreciated room in your home. With a few renovations, it may even become a haven of cleanliness and efficiency. Learn more about the latest powerful technology in clothes washers and dryers at