Need help fueling your day? 4 community leaders share their tips

(BPT) – Community organizations are vital for fostering strong societies, addressing local challenges, providing essential services, driving advocacy and more. Recognizing their significance, Quest recently awarded four nonprofit organizations a total of $80,000 through its second annual Quest for Impact initiative. This program underscores Quest’s commitment to giving back and supporting organizations dedicated to their local communities.

Behind these organizations lie motivated leaders and dedicated staff and volunteers who drive their mission forward. Quest has asked the leaders in each organization what inspires them to stay motivated to reach their goals.

1. How do you stay motivated while working toward your goals?

Keep your eyes on the prize: Chelsea Wood, director of leadership and outcomes at Soccer in the Streets, shared that the kids and her teammates keep her focused. “I am a team player and am so grateful to be surrounded by the greatest teammates who push, challenge and encourage me to strive for excellence and continuous growth.”

Damen Fletcher, founder and CEO of Train of Thought, stays motivated through his passion for the program and embracing it as his life’s purpose. He says, “It’s not a choice. It’s an organic manifestation of my true self.”

Look for support within your environment: Stacy McAlister, founder of 5-Eleven Hoops, likes to meditate and look at his daily notes to remind him of what he’s doing and the lives he’s impacting. He says, “The smile on my kids’ faces after lessons and their progression motivate me daily to keep pushing.”

Similarly, Campbell Lillard, co-founder of DEUCE Community, also believes in creating environments and processes that can help lead to success as he believes no one can stay motivated all the time. He says, “I stay motivated by keeping in mind my purpose, the process and that all roads worth traveling are fraught with more hardships than we could imagine.”

2. What is one tip you would give someone who is starting their journey to reach their goals?

Take care of yourself: When you’re working to build up your community, it’s easy to ignore your own needs. Wood finds that when starting out their journey, many people underestimate the importance of self-care. “You need to take time to come up for air, release the hard work and replenish your tank.”

When you ignore your own needs, it’s easy to burn out, which can negatively affect your job. McAlister recommends preventing burnout by “seeing a therapist, working out 3-5 times a day if possible, maintaining a good diet, resting and taking vacations.”

Be curious and believe: Whether someone is just starting out on their journey as a community leader or they’ve been one for decades, it’s important to keep growing and learning. Lillard says that being curious and maintaining a “white-belt mentality” is key to reaching current and future goals. “If you are always a student, you can always learn and grow. Whatever you are striving toward will force you to grow in capacity, most likely in ways that you cannot predict. Be open to growth and anything is possible.”

As you strive toward your work goals, it can be easy to be discouraged. That’s why Fletcher’s advice is to continue to believe in yourself throughout the journey. “Belief is extremely powerful. The universe will adjust and reshape itself to align with your beliefs.”

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