Must-Have DIY Tools for Teachers

(BPT) – Attention, teachers! It may feel like summer, but it’s almost time to get your classrooms ready for the new school year. With back-to-school season already sneaking up, it’s important that teachers are equipped with supplies to prepare them for all types of projects in the classroom. Whether it’s a simple craft or something a bit more involved, every teacher could use a hand from some tried-and-true tools. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite must-have products that come in handy all school year long.

Arrow E21 cordless electric staple gun. Featuring a battery life of up to three hours, the E21 is Arrow’s latest and greatest staple gun. It’s perfect for fixing or making additions to any bulletin board — not to mention “extracurricular” upholstery projects you might be tackling at home. The convenient cordless design prevents mess or clutter in the classroom, and its included stapler base allows it to remain in place without the risk of damaging any surfaces while in storage.

Arrow SL24D staple lifter. If it’s time to swap out some artwork or seasonal displays, look no further. Arrow’s SL24D staple lifter removes staples quickly, cleanly, and — most important — safely. The angled, rounded point of the lifter makes it easy to get under staples without damaging or gouging any projects that you’d like to keep around.

Arrow T25X WireMate™ wire stapler. If you’re all about sprucing up the classroom with decorations, the T25X by Arrow is just what you need. Using the T25X, you can fasten wire onto surfaces (like a bulletin board) and attach pictures and paintings for the entire class to enjoy. Plus, when the holidays roll around, putting up string lights has never been easier with the help of this handy stapler.

Arrow GT80 professional glue gun. A quality glue gun is a must. From touching up art projects to building your class its very own solar system, Arrow’s GT80 professional glue gun not only heats up fast but also delivers exceptional quality and durability each and every time. Plus, you can choose between all-purpose glue or slow-set glue for when you need a cooler setting, which can be used on materials like foam, certain fabrics, and balloons.

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