Making sense of food labels: How to find snacks with nutritional benefits

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(BPT) – Americans are a population of snackers, yet do they really know what’s in the snacks they choose? Seven out of ten men and half of women surveyed say they believe their current snacks have nutritional value. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion as to what is considered healthy. Nutrition labels are designed to be transparent, but many people don’t understand what they’re looking at when reading one. In fact, 69% of adults believe that they could eat healthier if nutrition labels were easier to read.

As we move into summer, snacks are even more essential to daily routines. Kids will be home and families will take road trips and vacations, needing quick and nutritious snacks. Planning your snack choices could save you from a “hangry” meltdown — and that means kids and adults. Protein-rich snacks like Whisps are key, with seven out of ten adults preferring protein for a nutrition boost.

Learn how to choose healthy snacks from Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix.