How to Hang Your Holiday Lights with Ease This Year

(BPT) – It’s nearly that time of year again, and with stores starting to line the shelves with all things holiday-related, it’s not too early to start a game plan for this year’s decorations. So, start getting into the spirit and save yourself some trouble while you’re at it with a few helpful tools from Arrow Fastener — they’ll come in handy for around the house, and especially when you’re ready to dig out those string lights.

Yes, that’s right — you can hang your holiday lights with a staple gun! Instead of tricky light clips or intrusive nails, you can pick up a low-voltage wire staple gun, like the Arrow T25 staple gun, to hang holiday lights quickly and efficiently, and keep them in place throughout the season.

Check out Arrow on TikTok for a quick demo on how easy it can be to get those lights up and learn more about the necessary tools below!

With Arrow’s T25 professional low-voltage wire/cable staple gun, stapling light strings is made easy. This best-selling wiring staple gun is a favorite among professional installers, featuring a jam-resistant rear load mechanism to avoid slowing your projects down, along with a curved blade for consistent performance. In other words, hanging up your holiday lights will be a breeze with the T25.

The tool, best paired with Arrow’s T25 staples, can also be used for low-voltage applications, including thermostats, doorbells, garage door openers, and alarm systems.

When it’s time to take the lights down, you’ll want to cause little to no damage to your home. So, reach for Arrow’s SL24D staple lifter. This must-have tool removes staples quickly, cleanly, and safely, featuring a hardened steel body to withstand the toughest of staples. Plus, the lightweight ergonomic grip makes it super comfortable to handle. Use this tool to remove lights or have it ready for your upholstery projects or home repairs.

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