How busy parents can make the most of their time when life gets hectic

(BPT) – Family life can get busy in a hurry, especially during the holiday season. However, with a little planning ahead and the right resources, busy parents can find efficient and creative ways to tackle their to-do lists with ease and more time to do things they really love, like spending time with friends and family.

Here are a few tips to help you get all your errands done, prep family meals and shop conveniently and smartly — with time and energy to spare.

Always go for one-stop shopping when possible

Nothing wastes more time than running from store to store to get the items you need each week. Whether it’s groceries or household necessities, shopping for everything in one location is a game-changer for busy parents.

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Shop conveniently and smartly

To help members shop their way, BJ’s makes it even easier for members to shop and save, with its convenient, digital shopping options. As a member, you can shop in a variety of ways, including in-club shopping and shopping online at, with same-day delivery, curbside pickup, and in-club pickup.

Batch-cook on the weekends

Another big-time saver during super busy weeks is to set aside time to cook extra meals ahead over the weekend. Whether you double up on a favorite recipe you’re making on Sunday or cook an extra casserole to pop in the fridge or freezer, making sure that you have a couple of extra meals already prepped and ready to heat up will be a huge help during those busy weekdays when you’re running between school and different activities.

Turn lunch-making into a fun activity

Involving kids in prepping their own lunches the night before can help save on time while also providing kids with valuable skills and knowledge about healthy food choices. A fun trend your children may enjoy using is a kids’ bento box, designed with separate compartments ready for filling up with their (parent-approved) selection of healthy proteins, fruits, veggies and snacks — which also helps to save on packaging waste. Set out the options for your kids to choose from on the table or counter each night and let kids fill up their own boxes (with a little guidance if needed).

Ready to shop conveniently while also finding unbeatable value and incredible savings on all your family’s everyday essentials? Join BJ’s Wholesale Club today.