Gifts with purpose: How to embrace a regenerative holiday season

(BPT) – This holiday season, rise above the noise of excess and gift with purpose by selecting presents that champion your values. Consider purchases that restore ecology, improve livelihood and ensure animal welfare for farming communities. To support a sustainable and regenerative future, give clean and nourishing food and beverages. Rather than relying solely on sustainability labels, explore products actively contributing to communities and ecology.

A simple and effective approach is choosing companies certified by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, particularly those holding the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC). These companies employ regenerative organic agriculture practices, meeting stringent environmental standards while upholding specific ethical and social criteria that enhance soil health, ensure social fairness and prioritize animal welfare.

To help you get started, here are some standout companies from the ROC product directory offering perfect gifts that can be shipped directly to loved ones (or enjoyed at home as a well-deserved indulgence) this festive season.

Say happy holidays or thank hosts with a great bottle of wine

Bonterra Organic Estates, nestled in Mendocino County, leads in regenerative organic viticulture. They employ time-honored methods like sheep grazing, cover cropping and compost application to nurture the soil. Situated at an elevation of 2,235 feet in the mountaintops of Mendocino’s rugged North Coast of California, their fruits boast intense and rich, complex flavors — a testament to the interplay of high altitude and maritime microclimate.

Known for exceptional wines, their ROC-certified The Bonterra Estate Collection features favorites like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and limited edition Red Blend. Priced at $22, these wines are widely accessible at retail, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts. Their pioneering position as among the first globally certified Regenerative Organic Certified wines adds an additional layer of distinction to these remarkable offerings.

For those seeking an elevated experience, offers single vineyard wines, including The Butler Red Cuvee 2020, The McNab Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 and The Roost Chardonnay 2020.

Elevate spirits with premium-quality coffee

Ampersand Coffee Roasters sources 100% organic coffee grown with cutting-edge regenerative organic farming techniques and uses 100% fair trade policies to empower coffee farmers and guarantee a minimum price for their coffee even when markets fluctuate. The organic agriculture practices for their sourced coffee encourage techniques like crop rotation, companion planting, biological pest control, mixed cropping and the fostering of insect predators.

The company also partners with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and Cafe Femenino to support gender equality in coffee-growing regions. Consider their ground or whole bean coffee for gift-giving, or gift subscriptions for the coffee devotees in your life.

Unearth treasures for tea enthusiasts

If you’ve heard of Jeju Island, South Korea, it’s probably due to their famous women deep-sea divers. But the island’s rich volcanic soil and mild sea mist produce something else noteworthy — excellent tea. Wild Orchard’s exclusive partner farm on Jeju relies on natural sea winds to keep pests at bay, and benefits from fertilization offered by organically raised geese.

Over two decades ago, the first tea trees were grown from seeds (not cuttings) planted directly in the volcanic soil, causing them to develop extremely deep roots. Left largely untouched until recently, the trees grew wild to become larger and hardier than those grown on most traditional tea farms, for a superior final result.

Or surprise a tea aficionado with something truly unique: Yaupon tea, a refreshing brew derived from a naturally caffeinated native American plant that has 60% of the caffeine of coffee and a flavor profile similar to green tea.

CatSpring Yaupon is a woman-led company that uses sustainable practices to produce this flavorful drink. The plants are wild-grown with no added water, and hand-harvested. The company also uses a “people first” hiring policy that works with probation officers to hire individuals looking to create a new future for themselves, as well as hiring women with a history of generational poverty.

Pick up stocking stuffers like the tea sampler bag at and a variety of loose and bagged teas at

Gift single origin extra virgin olive oil

SIMPLi connects people around the world through the joy of food. The co-founders sought to bring the best single-origin ingredients from around the world to the market in a way that equally benefits people, producers and the planet. Simpli’s 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, perfect for gifting, plays a proactive role in land regeneration, carbon sequestration, and resource conservation on a significant scale.

Knowing that what you give others will benefit the planet makes every gift more meaningful to you as well as to the recipients of your carefully chosen gifts. You can feel good about everything you’re giving this holiday season using these criteria for your shopping.

Bonterra Organic Estates, Hopland, Mendocino County, California. Please drink responsibly. Learn more at