Garage Door Safety Month: Staying Safe at Home

(BPT) – Did you know that your garage door is typically the biggest moving object in your home? Inspecting your garage door to identify any potential issues can go a long way toward ensuring a safe environment for your family. Garage doors are subject to normal wear and tear, and regular maintenance is important to ensure it is operating properly and safely. You could have a hazard on your hands, but the good news is you can make a difference by learning more about how your door works, and what to look for.

That’s why the International Door Association (IDA) promotes awareness in May as Garage Door Safety Month. Homeowners should learn how to perform basic inspections to identify possible safety issues, and when it’s time to call in a professional garage door service technician. The Garage Door Safety Month “Look, Listen, Learn and Remember” program is designed to do just that.

Homeowners looking to ensure a safe garage door should take the following steps:

  • Look:
    • Give your garage door a visual inspection by looking at the garage door, the springs, rollers and the door cables to see if you can find any obvious signs of damage or even normal wear and tear.
  • Listen:
    • A noisy garage door can mean there is a problem, especially if you haven’t heard anything before. Listen to your door while it’s in operation, without your vehicle running, to hear any scraping or grinding sounds.
  • Learn:
    • Garage door and opener manufacturers provide specific safety instructions and maintenance requirements. Learning about your particular door and opener is an important part of safety planning. Learning about simple steps you can take to avoid injury is also important. For example, keep your fingers away from moving parts, especially from in between door sections that can pinch fingers. Keeping garage door remote controls out of the reach of children is another way to keep them safe and keeping the remotes out of sight can also help deter theft. Most important, do not try to repair or service your own door. This is not a DIY project and can be dangerous, so make sure to call a professional.
  • Remember:
    • If anything seems out of place, remember to call in a trained service professional. Garage door technicians are trained to safely work on garage doors and openers.

Garage Door Safety Month is a reminder to homeowners to take a few minutes to look, listen, learn and remember. If anything needs attention, always contact a trained professional garage door service company. For information on how to find a qualified garage door professional near you visit