Four simple DIY tips to spruce up your home

(BPT) – After spending more time than normal in our houses this past year, a home décor refresh can be both tempting and daunting. Simple and quick DIY solves — such as a quick paint swap or small appliance changes — have the ability to transform a space without the cost and time commitment of a full renovation.

Refresh a space with new paint

Replace cold, bright colors with warm greys, whites and beiges that complement the surrounding space.

Textured paint finishes like metallic stripes, sandstone, mixed-shaped rectangles or brushed suede can draw the eye to various focal points of a room for added flair. A fresh coat of paint on a trim or accent wall can transform a dated space into a fresh living area.

Accessorize with DIY materials

Decorating a space does not have to be dependent on finding statement furniture to fill a room. Small accent pieces can work together for a cohesive look. An empty wall provides a blank canvas to tell a story and an opportunity to showcase one’s personality. Design a gallery wall that features personal photography or DIY art, hung in different frames and sizes to add dimension.

Or, install refurbished wood shelves to offer a heightened holding place for plants to flourish. Create a uniform look with matching pots, or mix it up with a combination of clay, baskets and ceramics.

Update fixtures

The kitchen remains the heart of all homes and thus sustains the most wear and tear. Simple do-it-yourself upgrades ensure the space is able to withstand time while adapting to various culinary needs. Installing new fixtures, like those within the Peerless® Precept® Kitchen Collection, can turn a humdrum area into a modern space, filled with style and functionality.

Replace a rundown kitchen faucet with an affordable, on-trend Precept Commercial Kitchen Faucet by Peerless®. The updated design and pull-down sprayer offer beauty and efficiency, while POWERinse™ technology delivers an extra blast of cleaning power. This simple swap customizes the kitchen to work best for the needs of a home, without sacrificing style.

Creating a spa at home

Establishing a sanctuary in the home can be as easy as remodeling the bath space to feel like an at-home spa. Introducing the Peerless® Precept® Slide Bar with Hand Shower into an existing shower system provides homeowners with the ability to use a showerhead and hand shower at the same time — proving that a luxurious shower experience is possible at an affordable cost.

Installing soft lighting, such as a dimmer switch or updated lighting fixtures, sets a spa-like ambience. Accessories like a fluffy bath mat, your favorite candle and a luscious plant like eucalyptus help to achieve a DIY, serene bath.

Giving new life to a space doesn’t have to include costly renovations or a large time investment. A fresh coat of paint or the addition of trendy accessories can make the old feel new again.