Fans gear up for National Pepperoni Pizza Day

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(BPT) – National Pepperoni Pizza Day is September 20. The maker of HORMEL® Pepperoni is stepping up to celebrate with the opening of a one-of-a-kind online pop-up shop full of custom pepperoni pizza-themed and -inspired products.

The shop will have everything that the ultimate pepperoni pizza fan would ever want or need. Each day at 1pm Eastern from September 13 through September 20, new pepperoni pizza gear will drop spanning wearables and limited-edition items for the home, outdoors and work. Some daily featured items include a crossbody bag to carry a slice of pepperoni pizza, a custom set of pepperoni pizza-themed rims to drive in style and a pizza-shaped lamp that displays slices of pepperoni. Food enthusiast and TV host Adam Richman is also teaming up with the maker of HORMEL® Pepperoni to help spread the news. Adam stars in a new video called “The Place That Built Pepperoni” that chronicles how pepperoni has won the hearts and appetites of a nation and the unique and exciting items available only at the HORMEL® Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop.