Do you have what it takes to be a cheese executive?

(BPT) – Do you want to be the Big Cheese at a national snack food company? Now’s your chance! Farm Rich, one of the cheesiest brands in America, is looking to hire their very first honorary Chief Cheese Officer (CCO).

The national frozen snacks brand is seeking a candidate with the right cheese-loving credentials and a sharper-than-cheddar sense of creativity. The CCO will make people believe in the power of cheese by creating engaging social media content that is, admittedly, a bit cheesy. The CCO will also give Americans another reason to celebrate the food by creating a national cheese-inspired holiday — because you can never have too many — and come up with fun new snack concepts.

“Farm Rich is known for its ‘cheesy’ snacks and appetizers and we’re ready to give one of our lucky fans a chance to bring their ideas to life in the role of Chief Cheese Officer,” said Ciera Womack, Farm Rich Director of Marketing. “There will be some work involved, but if you’re passionate about cheese, it should hardly feel like work at all. Go ahead and apply. You might just land the cheesiest job of a lifetime!”

So are you qualified? The ideal CCO is …

Someone who is passionate about cheese (like, you can’t have a meal without it)

When you’re out with friends, do you always order the cheese plate? Here are some other signs you might be qualified:

  • You can identify all the cheeses on a charcuterie board
  • You’ll always order extra cheese when you’re eating out (even if it costs more)
  • Mozz sticks are basically a food group for you
  • You won’t have wine without cheese
  • You believe National Cheese Day should be a federal holiday

Someone whose fondue-ness for cheese gives them solid credentials

If you are head over wheels in love with cheese and aren’t afraid to show it, you may be the right person for the job. Would you say your social media pages and feeds have lots of cheesy posts? Do you have an entire website devoted to this dairy staple? Do your go-to recipes all have cheese as an ingredient? Can you name the origins of most cheeses?

Someone who’s creative (in the cheesiest way possible)

Do you tend to march to the beat of your own drum? Are you often inspired to try new food combinations? Could you create a work of art entirely focused on Muenster? If so, you’re a true creative at heart. As a passionate foodie, you’ve seen all the different ways people consume cheese. But experts know there’s more than one way to consume it. In fact, you may have several ideas for new, cheesy snack concepts and pairings.

Someone who’s ready to take the wheel as a cheese executive

Many will apply to become CCO, but only one will get the prize. If passion, creativity and cheese expertise are attributes that define you, those business cards may have your name on it.

Get your cheese on and join the team!

As CCO, you’ll get $5,000 to support the Farm Rich team virtually for approximately 45 days. Plus, you’ll get to take a lovely trip to St. Simons Island in Georgia, home to Farm Rich HQ, and get a year’s supply of snacks and swag.

Fill out an application on the Farm Rich website by July 7, 2021 for a chance to be the Big Cheese!