Cooking tips, fun recipes and easy ways to give back this Thanksgiving

(BPT) – This 2022 holiday season it’s time to focus on whatever makes your heart happy. That good feeling can be found by hosting dinner, spending time with friends or spreading joy by giving back in your community. No matter how you decide to celebrate, food — specifically turkey — remains at the center of all the good that comes with the holiday season.

The memory-making holiday meal

Food has the power to bring people together. The delectable smells alone can be reminders of holidays past. Maybe it’s Grandma’s pie recipe baking to perfection or your best friend’s special stuffing that’s the ideal pairing with turkey. Of course, nothing is more special than when you get to enjoy all the flavors of Thanksgiving with loved ones.

With turkey taking center stage on the table, it is no surprise that 85% of people say their favorite part of the holiday is the food, followed by being with family (79%) and friends (37%), according to Shady Brook Farms research.

With 71% of people planning to serve a whole turkey, budget-conscious consumers are planning to cut back on appetizers, sides and desserts to ensure the turkey is the focal point of the meal. Furthermore, 89% are planning on purchasing it from their local supermarket.

Your ultimate ‘Guide to Good’

Preparing the turkey is an important role. It’s no surprise that 44% of those celebrating are looking for help when it comes to preparation and cooking. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed this holiday season as Shady Brook Farms and Honeysuckle White are here to help. From perfecting holiday recipes to experimenting with new techniques and supporting local communities, their ‘Guide to Good’ initiative is focused on good actions, ingredients, taste and celebrations.

Thanksgiving culinary tips

In the guide, you’ll find helpful information on making a Classic Turkey so it comes out perfect at the exact time you’re planning to eat. If a new take on turkey is suited for your guests, try a Cranberry BBQ Glazed Whole Turkey recipe that puts a delicious twist on traditional Thanksgiving taste.

Of course, the Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without gravy. Did you know that turkey giblets could be the key to the savoriest gravy ever? Even better, gravy is the perfect way to ensure you use all your turkey to make for less waste in the kitchen. Check out the Giblet Gravy recipe that is guaranteed to help you create a gravy-crazed crew looking to top their turkey until the last bite.

After the feast is finished and your stomach and heart are full, you’ll need to tackle the leftovers dilemma. If you’re part of the 38% of those looking for ideas for leftovers, consider Turkey Eggs Benedict or a Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Quiche.

Spreading good by giving back

Millions of children and families living in the United States face hunger and food insecurity every day, according to Feeding America®, and 15% of people are not going to celebrate at all this holiday season simply due to cost-related obstacles.

Understanding the critical need to help, Shady Brook Farms and Honeysuckle White are continuing their own give-back efforts this year partnering with retailers to provide a brighter holiday season with the donation of more than 20,000 turkeys to local community food banks and are encouraging consumers to do the same by offering easy ways to make an impact in their own communities.

If you’re in the position to support those in need, you can learn more on how to support your community by visiting the ‘Guide to Good’ at or