Building a sense of pride with your own two hands

(BPT) – Any skilled tradesperson can tell you the pride they get from working with their hands, be it framing a home, tiling a floor or repairing a mechanical problem.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to accomplish something with your hands and have something finished and tangible that you’ve created,” said Joe Apolloni, Senior VP of Retail Operations, Northern Tool + Equipment. “We often hear stories from our customers who tell us about their amazing projects and we see their pride, which speaks volumes about that connection of working with your hands.”

But you don’t need to be a professional to capture the pride in working with your hands. It just takes a willingness and confidence to take on new skills, or perfect an existing one. As the winter comes, it’s a perfect time to hunker down and embrace new or challenging projects.

Here are some ways to get started on your next project that can lead to pride and a job well done.

Shape up your space

Any serious craftsperson would agree that a well-done project starts with a well-organized workspace. If you have already mastered a multitude of DIY home projects, you likely already have a space that works for you. But it’s always a good idea to optimize your shop, or create a new space that gives you more room for your work. A garage is a natural locale, and carving out more space by decluttering or re-organizing can result in a better space for a workbench and key tools to live and be used. A more ambitious idea is to build your own workspace. A stand-alone shed dedicated as a shop space is a challenging but doable project of its own, and can put several of your skills to the test, from carpentry to electrical work and beyond.

Dream big

It’s important to measure your experience and confidence level when selecting your next project, prioritizing safety and thorough preparation. That said, never underestimate the power of passion and sheer determination, especially when getting into a new craft. If you have dabbled in various DIY projects, it could be time to up your game by leveling up to carpentry or auto work. Another way of looking at things is brainstorming how to better use your home’s space and visualize a new room to frame up, or go big and expand a room by taking out a wall. There’s no harm in thinking outside of the box — and that might mean literally going through some drywall.

Get the tools

No matter the project, anchoring it all will be your dedication, and of course, the tools. Northern Tool + Equipment carries specialized and professional-grade tools that are battle-tested and wide-ranging to help with nearly any project, including Milwaukee power tools, DeWalt equipment and Northern Tool’s own exclusive line of power washers and air compressors like the NorthStar Air Compressor and Klutch Air Hose Reel.

“The tools you choose do matter, and it’s the tools that can limit any setbacks and keep your project running smoothly,” said Apolloni. “Having dependable tools you can believe in — and having the know-how to work with them — is half the battle.”

Pass on the pride

Once you’re dialed into a project, consider finding some safe ways to include your kids in the process, sharing your skills and passing on the lessons to the next generation. Keeping kids safe but close by is a great gift and helps to build the next generation of people who can take pride in their handiwork.