Bidets: The must-have luxury in your bath remodel

(BPT) – The arrival of warmer weather gets many homeowners in the mood to change things up. The bathroom is a perfect place to direct that energy because that’s where renewal takes place each day. From your morning routine to your evening wind-down, turning the bath into a luxurious spa-like space truly captures the essence of the season.

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your new bath, consider the all-in-one bidet. Whether you’re deep in remodeling or looking for weekend projects, a bidet is worth the investment because it brings comfort and luxurious self-care to your daily routine.

When you’re in pursuit of all things luxury grade, here’s a look at the qualities that make these bidets must-have fixtures.

Top-notch quality

With dozens of options flooding the marketplace, you want to get your selection right the first time. Start with a brand with a track record of redefining luxury for this bath fixture. TOTO is the Japanese company that originally created the all-in-one bidet toilet. For more than a century, their products have been trusted by millions around the globe.

Spa-like experiences

The best in luxury bidets create a comfortable user experience from start to finish. For example, warm-water cleansing is a must for comfort and effectiveness. Seek out other luxe features like personalized settings for temperature and pressure strength, and warm-air drying.

People-centric innovation

Technology that improves quality of life is one of the pillars of luxury. Bidets that offer a completely touch-free experience keep everyone in your family cleaner and healthier. Features should include automatic raising and lowering of the seat as well as touch-free flushing.

Effortless style

Because the bidet brings a unique experience to the bath, insist on a fresh design that contributes to a bath’s aesthetic. The Carlyle II and Nexus WASHLET+ S550e one-piece bidet toilets boast a beautiful modern design with sleek lines and a skirted design, bringing a timeless elegance to any bath space.

Hassle-free installation

As someone who appreciates function and design, you’re probably familiar with the obstacles that plumbing and electrical systems create in realizing your vision. Fortunately, a top-of-the line NEOREST AH or RH Smart Toilet requires no extra construction. These all-in-one electric bidet toilets install on existing systems and can be up and running in a matter of hours. Also, they leave no protruding supply connections to clutter the look.

For easy installation of your luxury bidet toilet, TOTO will help you find a local factory-trained professional. Visit for more information.