Beyond Morning Joe: Creative Coffee and Tea Recipes to Spice Up Your Day

(BPT) – When is a cup of coffee more than a cup of coffee? When it becomes the start of something creative, as with the many recipes available on the JURA and Capresso blogs. The trend toward adventurous tastes combines with our love of coffee — and tea — to make your daily brew something special to enjoy and share.

A sweet treat that’s vegan, hip and trendy, White Chocolate Hazelnut Café au Lait with Oat Milk comes together in minutes with the Capresso froth Select automatic milk frother and any Capresso coffeemaker. A cup of brewed coffee is enhanced with frothed oat milk that’s whipped up with white chocolate chunks or chips and hazelnut syrup. The froth Select stands out for its ability to incorporate chocolate chips or chunks into the frothing process, and any type of plant-based (or regular) milk can be used. Dust with powdered cocoa for a flourish of flavor.

Custom brew Coconut Boba Tea with the Capresso Iced Tea Maker, which brews directly into an 80 oz. glass pitcher. Boba Tea, also known as tapioca tea or pearl milk tea, is a sweet tea-based treat that originated in Taiwan and is now an international sensation. While the Iced Tea Maker is brewing the tea, from loose tea or tea bags, quickly cook Boba tapioca pearls. Then layer the pearls, honey or agave sweetener, iced tea and coconut milk (or milk of choice) in a glass and enjoy.

Coffee is great for cocktails too. JURA presents Creamy Kahlua, an enticing iced mix of espresso, Kahlua, cocoa powder and sugar. Designed for the coffee purist, a JURA automatic coffee machine creates a barista-quality brew — always freshly ground, not capsuled. The award-winning JURA line is known for its state-of-the-art technology and ease of use.

Cap off the day with a coffee-based dessert drink such as Espresso Naranja. Easy to create: Just cover the base of an espresso glass with chocolate orange sauce, and then prepare an espresso macchiato over it. The superior taste of the espresso — brewed in a JURA automatic coffee machine — is the signature ingredient of this beverage and more. JURA’s exclusive Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) ensures full flavor and aroma of espresso and ristretto, for harmonious balance with sweet notes of chocolate and vanilla.

More tasty coffee, tea and hot chocolate recipes are available at JURA and Capresso.