Access-Friendly Sliding Doors Create Pathways to Easier Living

(BPT) – As aging in place and multi-generational households continue trending, integrating universal design into homes has become essential. Improvements, such as wider doorways for accessibility, can enrich life quality for people of all ages and abilities. Those desiring to live at home during their later years can benefit from easy-to-navigate doorways with sliding doors that accommodate mobility aids, including wheelchairs and walkers. Extended families can also enjoy wider doorways for smooth sailing of kids’ strollers, wheelchairs for elderly or disabled family members, and more.

Expertly engineered in the USA since 1958, Johnson Hardware’s sliding door hardware lets you maximize usable space where needed, from bathrooms to high foot-traffic areas. Compared to swinging doors, which present obstacles, sliding doors free up to 14 square feet of floor space for easier travel of mobility aids through doorways, more turnaround space, and extra areas for household items.

Wall-mounted sliding doors make it a breeze for everyone to navigate their home. 200WM Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware frees up floor space and offers smooth-gliding door operation even with repeated use. The heavy-duty hardware set includes everything you need, including adjustable, detachable door hangers for easy door installation and removal (doors not included). An experienced handyman can complete the installation in about an hour.

Give existing nooks in your home new purpose by upgrading the kitchen with 200BP Bypass Pocket Door Hardware for added privacy. Whether the breakfast nook becomes your kids’ homework space or your home office, functional sliding doors let you easily close off the space when needed.

To ensure unobstructed floor surfaces, the company provides Trackless Door Guides for its sliding bypass and multi-pass pocket door series. Without floor tracks, people using mobility aids can pass through doorways without a hitch.

The 2610FBSC Soft-Close Wall Mount (Barn Door) Sliding Door Hardware (shown above) and 1500SC Series Soft-Close Pocket Door Frame Kit (shown below) make it simple to create handicapped accessible openings throughout home interiors. The universal design-inspired soft-close feature quietly slides doors open and shut with a fingertip touch. Door speed slows gradually, preventing pinching and slamming.

Pocket doors conveniently slide into the wall, while swinging doors require forward and backward movements alongside them, tricky with a wheelchair or walker.

The versatile, commercial-grade 2060SC Series Heavy-Duty Soft-Close Pocket Door Frame Kit (includes 2066 Series Soft-Close feature) is a good choice to install nearly any type of door weighing up to 330 lbs. in homes, condos, barndominiums and commercial applications.

Johnson’s durable pocket door hardware exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standard for door width. The ADA requires a minimum clear width of 32” from door face to opposite stop, but Johnson’s hardware accommodates up to 60” for greater accessibility.

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