6 ways to give back to essential workers

(BPT) – Healthcare workers, grocery store employees, teachers, delivery drivers — the list of essential workers can go on and on. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, these crucial personnel have been putting their lives at risk for the benefit and safety of others. Despite the risks, they must continue doing their jobs.

As you look to give back this season, consider what you can do for the essential workers — or heroes — in your life. They are likely tired, stressed out and in need of some support. Here are six ways you can help or give back to those who have already given so much.

1. Provide daily essentials

Some essential workers may be so overworked that they’re too tired to go to the store or even make a grocery list. To help, you can put together a care package of daily necessities and non-perishable food items like canned goods, pasta, disinfecting wipes and toilet paper. Focus on high-demand products that might be hard for essential workers to find in their limited spare time.

2. Gift delicious holiday cheer

From your local hospital’s nursing staff to your child’s teacher — and even your barista — everyone deserves a tasty treat for the holidays. Ferrero Rocher gift boxes are the perfect gifting option as they symbolize specialty, celebration and hospitality. Choose from the 24-piece Holiday Glamond Gift Box or the Ferrero Rocher Tree or Star — there’s something for all of the hard-working heroes on your list this year.

3. Send notes of encouragement

Many essential workers won’t get time off for the holidays. Show your gratitude and appreciation by sending cards that spread cheer. Notes of encouragement go a long way and can mean the world to a doctor, nurse or caregiver working tirelessly on the frontlines of the pandemic.

4. Find activities to entertain kids

Many essential workers are parents who may not be spending much time with their kids due to packed schedules or COVID-19 restrictions. You can help lighten that burden by providing fun activities to keep their kids in good spirits. Arts and crafts materials, puzzles, board games and toys are all great ideas.

5. Create a self-care kit

When they do get a moment to themselves, help the essential worker in your life relax with a self-care kit. Include luxurious items they might not get for themselves, such as supplies for a calming bubble bath or a moisturizing lotion for over-washed hands. If possible, tailor your kit to the specific tastes of the receiver.

6. Provide a holiday dinner

Since you likely can’t invite friends or family members who are essential works into your home for the holidays, think about sending holiday tidings in the form of an already-prepared meal. Many restaurants offer delicious pre-cooked meals for delivery. Or if you want to go the homemade route, package up some of your cooking and drop it off for a neighbor. And if you’re looking for even more ways to give back, consider donating to a local food pantry.

While you’re busy preparing for the holidays this year, don’t forget to give back to essential workers and those who may be struggling. Follow these tips to offer a little extra support this season.