6 steps to a truly outstanding get-together

(BPT) – After a year like no other, everyone is seeking ways to celebrate and enjoy those little things that make such a big difference. You don’t have to be a wine expert to know that the right wine or cocktail for the occasion can make any get-together truly outstanding. Whether you’re hanging out with friends around the grill or embarking on an epic road trip, here are tips for relearning how to enjoy the moment.

1. Stemware for everywhere

Or better yet — stemless wineglasses. Find unbreakable, shatterproof, insulated wineglasses online that are perfect for your next patio party or glamping trip. There are plenty of choices for insulated tumblers and coolers to keep wine and other beverages chilled and safe, no matter where you go.

2. Choose wines that are bright, light and just right

Whether relaxing with friends at home or around your backyard fire pit, enjoy a light, refreshing white wine that’s fragrant, vibrantly fruity and crisp, like the 2020 Wairau River sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. The vineyards are planted along the Wairau River’s edge, creating quality wines to help you enjoy the moment.

3. Keep cool

When you’re enjoying an outdoor get-together, you’ll want to prevent wine from getting too warm — even reds. One trick is to store wine bottles in a cooler or a bucket filled with ice, salt and water. The salt in the water helps bring the freezing point of water below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Inspire your inner mixologist

Did you know wines can be used to create refreshing drinks? Add seasonal fruit or herbs to transform a favorite wine into a delicious cocktail.

Create your own Moscato Moscow Mule with this easy recipe:


  • 5 ounces Seven Daughters Moscato
  • A few ounces club soda
  • Lime
  • Ginger ale


Mix Seven Daughters Moscato and club soda.
Add squeeze of lime and top with ginger ale.
Garnish with lime wedge.
Makes 1 serving.

5. Rediscover wine country

When you’re itching to get away from it all, why not sip your way through a tasting flight at a winery? With over 11,000 wineries across the U.S., you have plenty to choose from. You can even find hidden gems in parts of well-known Napa, like the Maxville Winery in the Chiles Valley. This winery started as a summer camp, with its first grapevines planted back in 1974. Today, you can visit the winery and sample the Estate Maxville cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, sauvignon blanc, red blend and petite sirah.

6. Fire up the grill and chill

When you’re grilling outdoors, choosing a wine that complements whatever you’re barbecuing can be challenging, but when you find one that can really bring out the flavor of your food, everything tastes that much better.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb:

For traditionalists, burgers, ribs and steaks pair perfectly with a cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel or even a malbec. For lighter fare like grilled fish, chicken, pork chops or veggies, choose a lighter wine to pair with it, like a chardonnay, sauvignon blanc or a dry rose.