5 ways to treat Mom to a special Mother’s Day

(BPT) – Mothers are always busy working hard for their families. Especially in the past year, being a mom has taken on new meaning. In addition to her normal role, she’s now an educator, a nurse, an IT specialist, a sanitation expert and much more. Because moms are working so hard, Mother’s Day offers the opportunity to give them a break and show how much she means to you.

This Mother’s Day, your family can go beyond the breakfast in bed to really make her feel special. Here are five ways to show Mom you care:

Convey gratitude

Make sure Mom knows how much you appreciate her by conveying your gratitude in a special way. This could be as simple as writing a heartfelt letter. Another option is making a gratitude jar, where everyone in the family can add a note to share why they are thankful for Mom. For fun Mother’s Day décor, these notes could be written on longer strips of paper and taped into circles to create a chain of gratitude. No matter what you choose, showing gratitude for all that Mom does is sure to make her feel appreciated on her special day.

Plan a friends’ night out

Research shows satisfying friendships are connected to mothers’ well-being and sense of self, so consider planning an evening when she can go out with the gals and enjoy some time away from the house. To celebrate mothers everywhere, this Mother’s Day DOVE® Chocolate is privately renting out select movie theaters across the country exclusively for Mom and her friends to enjoy a COVID-safe evening all her own. Tickets will become available on Tuesday, April 27 at 9 a.m. EST. Only one entrant per theater is eligible to register. Upon registration, the winner will receive the additional movie tickets to share with friends for the rented-out theater at the designated showtime on the evening of Mother’s Day on May 9. Learn more at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dove-chocolate-mothers-night-tickets-150646296127.

Do the dirty work

Want to lighten Mom’s load and make her smile? Household chores are time consuming, and even though they should be evenly split by the family, the bulk of these often land on mothers’ to-do lists. While she’s out with friends, bust out the cleaning supplies. Pick up clutter, organize toys, do the dishes, dust and wipe down windows. If there is a chore she particularly despises, show you care by getting it done. When she comes home to a clean house, she’ll be surprised and delighted.

Give flower bouquet alternatives

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a timeless gift for Mom, but you can surprise her with an interesting twist on a classic. Flowers made out of fabric or wood are trending because they are unique, customizable and never wilt, and can be displayed proudly as part of her home décor. If you have kids, you can create these on your own. Get colorful cardstock to trace their hands and cut out to create flowers you can adhere to craft sticks. If you prefer live flowers, you can give her long-lasting blooms by opting for a potted plant instead of a cut bouquet. This allows her to enjoy the blooms indoors or replant outdoors, depending on the variety.

Surprise her with sweet treats

Many moms’ selflessness is unparalleled, so consider giving yours something as sweet as she is. Delicious chocolate, like new rich and creamy DOVE® Deeper Dark Chocolate (70% cacao) and Deepest Dark Chocolate (82% cacao) PROMISES®, are a Mother’s Day treat moms can savor now or save for later. Each silky-smooth dark chocolate comes with a special message inside the wrapper, plus they come in a resealable bag for lasting freshness.