5 ways to support brain health this back-to-school season

(BPT) – With back-to-school season in full swing, parents are doing everything they can to help their children prepare. While having the right books and supplies is at the top of everyone’s lists, it’s also important to think about your child’s nutrition and overall brain health.

To support brain health this back-to-school season, fairlife, a Chicago-based dairy company that creates great-tasting, nutrition-rich products, has five tips to help nourish your kids and make them feel good inside and out.

Get some zzz’s

According to a recent Millennium Cohort Study, sleep is key for full brain growth, development and functioning. Sleep can also impact your child’s mood and overall academic performance. Children should be getting at least 9 to 12 hours of sleep a night, but getting them to bed on time is often easier said than done. Try to limit electronics and snacking an hour or two before bed to help wind them down. You’ll also want to ensure their rooms are cool and quiet to promote a sleep-friendly environment.

A nourishing start to the day

The food and beverages your children consume have a significant impact on their brain health. You can help them maintain healthy brain development by consistently giving them proper nutrients, like a glass of milk before school. Did you know that DHA Omega-3 found in certain milk brands can be beneficial for this development? Research indicates that DHA Omega-3 may support brain health and normal brain function in children, particularly when it comes to healthy brain development.

If you’re looking for a brand with more nutrients that nourishes healthy brains, fairlife is a smart choice. With 3x the DHA Omega-3 per serving vs the leading brand, high vitamin D, and no artificial growth hormones used, fairlife’s Ultra-Filtered Milk With 100mg DHA Omega-3 is a delicious way to nourish healthy brains for your family and yourself.

Get up and move

Exercise has immediate positive effects on brain function. It can also boost your child’s physical and mental health. When kids engage in regular physical activity, their self-esteem improves, they feel more motivated, and more confident. Exercise can also advance your child’s brainpower and academic prowess. Your child doesn’t have to be involved in a team sport to stay active. They can get moving by biking, running around the backyard, playing at the park, or swimming at the local pool.

Take time to unwind

Keeping your child’s brain active is important, but so is giving it time to rest. A lot of kids tend to be overscheduled. Even when their activities are done, the presence of social media, video games and texting can make it difficult to fully turn off their minds. That’s why fitting breaks into their routine is important. Walks are a great way to unplug from electronics and get some fresh air. Music can help your child relax which gets their body and mind in tune together. The different pitches and melodies can give them critical social, motor, language and literacy skills. Reading a fun book can help them wind down and even make them better communicators.

Have fun while supporting brain health

Who said supporting your kids’ brains had to be hard work? Activities like board games can let your kids have fun while learning new skills. Many board games can help kids recognize patterns, make decisions and think critically in various situations. Plus, they’re fun to play with family and friends. Find board games that pique your child’s interests and push them toward their academic goals.

A balanced brain leads to a balanced life

When it comes to your kids’ brain development, the little things count.

Give your family fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk With DHA as part of their daily meals. With three different varieties to choose from, your family will have a delicious way to get the nutrients they need to promote healthy brain function in and out of the classroom.