5 ways to supercharge your gut health with kombucha

(BPT) – Are you ready to boost your gut health while enjoying a tasty, tangy drink? Try kombucha!

Kombucha has become an incredibly popular beverage, and it’s not hard to see why. The fermented tea has naturally occurring probiotics and beneficial bacteria that can improve digestion, enhance immune function and even increase energy levels.

If you want to reap the health benefits of this versatile, but often overlooked drink, check out these five fun and easy ways to add kombucha into your daily routine.

1. Straight up

The simplest way to enjoy kombucha is straight on its own. Many grocery stores now carry single-serve bottles or refillable growlers in a variety of flavors. Enjoy a bottle or glass with your meals, post-workout or any time you want!

For those on the go, it can be inconvenient to carry a bottle everywhere. You can drink kombucha any time of day, wherever you roam, by keeping a few stick packs of AdvoCare Harmony™ on hand. Harmony is a portable, powdered kombucha that allows you to enjoy a glass of delicious pomegranate lemonade kombucha wherever, whenever without some of the tanginess found in other products.

2. Mix up a mocktail

Spice up your social gatherings with kombucha mocktails. Simply mix kombucha with freshly squeezed juice, sparkling water or ginger beer as your base, add flavored simple syrup for a bit of sweetness and garnish with herbs and fruit slices. Serve on its own or over ice.

If you need ideas, just pick your favorite cocktail recipe and substitute alcohol for kombucha. For example, you can make a Kombucha Sunrise with orange juice and grenadine. Your guests will love this fun twist on classic drinks.

3. Serve up a smoothie

Want to upgrade your morning routine? Blend kombucha with your favorite fruits, vegetables and yogurt to start your day with a probiotic punch. From a tropical paradise to berry blast concoctions, you’ll enjoy this unique, gut-friendly twist on your regular smoothie.

For added convenience and nutrients, make the smoothie using a Harmony stick pack. The 1 billion CFU of probiotics with added prebiotic and postbiotic, vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium will help you start your day on the right foot.

4. Stir up a salad dressing

Tired of traditional salad dressings? Give your salads a boost of flavor with a tangy kombucha vinaigrette. Mix kombucha with olive oil, Dijon mustard, honey and your favorite herbs and spices to create a zesty dressing. Drizzle kombucha vinaigrette over your favorite greens to elevate your lunch or dinner and easily incorporate more probiotics into your diet.

5. Sip a refreshing kombucha iced tea

Because kombucha is a fermented tea, it effortlessly combines with other iced teas to create a refreshing, health-conscious drink you can enjoy on a warm, sunny day.

Blend your preferred kombucha flavor with your favorite iced tea in a tall glass with ice. Feel free to add garnishes like citrus slices or herbs. It’s a cooling, hydrating alternative to traditional, sugary iced teas. Also, the added probiotics support your digestive health!

Try any (or all) of these five fantastic ways to incorporate kombucha into your regular diet. You’ll enjoy the taste, and your stomach will thank you! To learn more about the benefits of kombucha and more fun ways to add it to your regular routine, visit Advocare.com/Harmony.