5 Ways to Savor the Last Moments of Summer

(BPT) – Each year, families all over the U.S. look forward to summer as a time when they can be with one another and enjoy the longer days of sunshine.

As the weather slowly cools, you might feel a sense of longing for the early days of summer. However, it’s not too late to enjoy the last golden moments of the season. Here are five ideas to help you and the family really savor the last mini moments that summer has to offer.

1. Make a summer playlist

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or simply soaking in the sun, the perfect summer playlist helps to set the mood. Put together a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs that remind you of sunny skies, warm weather and feeling good. You’ll be listening to it all year long.

2. Enjoy your favorite summer treats

Summer memories are only made sweeter with a delicious, refreshing treat. As the sun sets on the season, take some time to reflect on the moments of fun and relaxation with a treat worth savoring.

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3. Backyard movie night

Set up a projector — or simply grab your laptop! — for a movie night under the stars. Create a relaxing and cozy environment with rugs and pillows — and of course, your favorite Drumstick® Mini Drums™!

When the movie is over, kick back to stargaze and spend some quality time with the family before bed.

4. Read a good book outside

There’s still plenty of time to get through your summer reading list! Make reading a priority by choosing a good book and a comfy spot outdoors. You’ll feel productive while also taking time to relax and refresh. Reading is the perfect opportunity to really immerse yourself in another world and take a much-needed break while enjoying the summer weather.

5. Collect summer memories

Do you find yourself reminiscing over this or past summer adventures? Make those memories last by creating a digital photo album of your family travels, staycations and more. You’ll be able to treasure those memories for years to come. We promise, you’ll thank yourself later!