5 ways to refresh your scalp care routine

(BPT) – A healthy head of hair starts with your scalp, so there’s nothing better for your beauty and wellness routine than focusing on good scalp care. When your scalp isn’t healthy, you may be just as likely to notice issues with your hair as your skin.

If you experience issues including itching, dandruff or irritation, dullness or breakage, you may want to talk to an expert. In the meantime, there are simple things you can do at home to refresh your routine and boost the condition of your scalp.

Here are five easy ways to help promote better scalp health.

1. Watch how you wash

Over-washing your hair can upset the balance of your scalp’s natural oils. Not everyone needs to wash their hair every day for the best results and appearance. Consider washing less frequently and try a clarifying shampoo. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends using a scalp exfoliant to help remove product buildup. While shampooing, don’t scrub or scratch your scalp — a gentle scalp massage can help loosen dirt without causing irritation.

Especially if you have sensitive skin, choose hair products without potential irritants like sulfates, allergens or silicones. The National Institutes of Health advises against products containing parabens or fragrances. Today’s options for hair products are numerous, so check the ingredients before buying. If any new product irritates your skin or scalp, stop using it.

2. Rinse thoroughly

Scalp care is the new self-care, and that can start with changing your shower head. To help rinse your hair and scalp better, the Waterpik® HairWand Pulse Spa System provides a luxurious way to nurture your hair and body. Clinically shown to provide fast, effective rinsing, its pulsating comb-shape spray delivers a relaxing scalp massage that reaches down to the roots and is shown to help remove visible flakes, rejuvenate the scalp, and leave it feeling clean.

For a two-for-one scalp care and relaxing massage experience, the Waterpik HairWand Pulse Spa System has multiple spray settings and goes beyond helping you care for your scalp. Its PowerPulse Therapeutic Strength Massage also helps to soothe muscle tension, increase flexibility, and promote restful sleep. You can find the Waterpik HairWand Pulse Spa System in Chrome or Brushed Nickel online, at HomeDepot.com.

3. Protect from the sun

Don’t forget — your scalp is skin, too. Avoid pain and skin peeling from sunburn by wearing a hat when outside in the sun. The Cleveland Clinic also recommends using sunscreen to help protect your scalp from UV rays. Sunburn on your scalp is not only painful and irritating, but over time could even develop into something serious, like skin cancer. Fortunately, you can find sunscreen in a lightweight spray for use on your scalp.

4. Nourish hair and scalp from the inside

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp needs the right nutrients to be at its best. You may want to consider your skin and hair health when doing your meal planning to ensure that you get sufficient nutrition. According to the Mayo Clinic, the best nutrients for hair and skin health include proteins, omega 3s, vitamins A, E and D, plus healthy plant-based fats such as those found in olive oil, nuts and avocadoes.

5. Take steps to reduce your stress

Anytime you’re feeling stressed, this can affect any of your body’s systems, including your scalp and hair. Stress you experience can take the form of scalp acne, dandruff, oily or damaged hair and other conditions.

Explore ways to help reduce your stress levels for well-being that’s not just skin deep. Try mindfulness practices like deep breathing or meditation, yoga, walking, spending time in nature or taking breaks from electronic devices. Do something relaxing, like getting a massage, or consider a meditation app or class that teaches stress reduction techniques.

Your scalp is a crucial part of your body, and when it’s not healthy, you can quickly see it in how your skin and hair look and feel. Following these tips can help you create a new routine to help you maintain your best scalp health.