5 ways to add fun and function to your garage

(BPT) – Now is the perfect time to create more living space in your home. Whether you need a place to take a break from daily stressors, get some work done or host friends and family, look no further than your own garage.

For many, the garage is simply a place to park the car, store tools and bikes, and hide old toys or off-season items that have no other place to go. But with a few easy upgrades, you can turn the garage into a productive, fun-filled place. Here are five tips to get you started.

1) Clean and organize

The first step is to look at the current state of your garage. To make the best of your space, you’ll need to start with a blank canvas. Do a deep clean, take stock of your tools and consider new ways to store and organize them. Building custom shelves to get your equipment up off the floor will not only give you a new project to take on, but it will help clear the way for a place where you can be productive and get jobs done. One key item to have in your upgraded garage shop is a Portable Electric Air Compressor, which can be used for power nailers, sanders, paint spray guns and much more — plus, at less powerful settings, it can be used to quickly blow away dust and debris.

2) Heat it up

Creating a year-round garage to enjoy will mean you’ll have to take the extra step to ensure the walls and ceilings are insulated correctly. For extra warmth, use a workshop heater like the Mr. Heater Big Maxx Garage Heater from Northern Tool + Equipment. A heater this size can easily warm up a two- or three-car garage, allowing you to work and play comfortably in your space no matter the outside temperature.

3) Let in the light

Switching up the lighting is an easy and inexpensive way to update your garage. Most garages have just one or two light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, but you’ll want more than that for your new, useful space. Try an industrial-style light fixture or customizable, sleek track lighting to make the room feel more inviting to friends for casual hang-outs. Plus, it’ll be easier to see when you’re working on projects.

4) Bring on the entertainment

To get the most out of your new garage, make sure it is all about entertainment. Think about how you’ll be using the space. The garage is a great place to hang a TV for football Sundays and video games. Adding extra speakers can provide a complete experience, whether it’s watching the game or listening to music while you work on your latest project. If you plan to host regular game nights, fill the room with a poker or ping-pong table that can be easily folded up when not in use.

5) Get comfortable

One of the most important parts of your new garage space is seating. Whether you go with recliners, a sofa, stools or a combination of all three, look for furniture that fits your space. Find pieces that let you get comfortable, can stand being outdoors and are versatile. Leather is a classic material plus it’s easy to clean and maintain. For another way to add comfort — and more entertainment possibilities — set up a side bar with a refrigerator to keep cool drinks and snacks at hand.

With these ideas as your playbook, you’re ready to achieve garage greatness.