5 top reasons to do business in Casper, Wyoming

(BPT) – The spirit of the American West is legendary, representing an entrepreneurial attitude that remains strong today, especially in Wyoming. That spirit of innovation, along with collaboration, creates an environment where businesses thrive. Whether your company is a start-up or an established business looking for greener pastures and wider skies, Casper, Wyoming, provides an expansive landscape to grow and expand.

Casper currently hosts a range of companies taking advantage of the area’s welcoming business climate. For example, medical equipment supplier McGinley Orthopedics has seen tremendous success in Casper for nearly 10 years. McGinley Orthopedics designs, develops and manufactures groundbreaking orthopedic medical devices, and its founder, Dr. Joseph McGinley, is also a doctor at a local hospital.

Another innovative company calling Casper home is Flowstate, which creates machine-learning software to detect pipeline leaks, resulting in safer pipelines.

“The business environment of Casper is uniquely welcoming,” said Flowstate co-founder and CEO Jerad Stack. “It fosters creativity and collaboration, with many local businesses complementing each other in valuable ways.”

From the popular family-owned and operated Backwards Distillery Company to bioscience and aerospace/defense companies, Casper provides an environment where businesses from these and other industries thrive and grow.

“Casper is becoming known as one of the best places for companies to do business,” said Justin Farley, CEO of Advance Casper. “It offers the best of both worlds — with the amenities and infrastructure in place to be successful while also offering a high quality of life for employees.”

Here are the top reasons more companies today are choosing Casper as their home.

1. Business-friendly features

With no corporate or personal state income tax as well as low energy costs, Casper also offers the only foreign trade zone in the state of Wyoming, plus the state’s only international airport — helping to welcome international business and trade. Wyoming is leading in areas like blockchain and cryptocurrency-enabling legislation, making the area ripe for businesses looking to relocate — or start from the ground up.

How attractive has Casper become to businesses looking for a place to start up? Advisor Smith named Casper, Wyoming, as number six in their list of “Top Cities Where Americans Start the Most Businesses.”

2. Infrastructure

Project-ready sites with low operating costs abound in Casper, and essential light manufacturing and industrial infrastructure — including reliable broadband service — is already in place for any industry looking to establish itself or relocate. Reliable broadband service is crucial for employees seeking an ideal home while working remotely. Downtown Casper also provides opportunities for companies needing office space, while also offering a lively atmosphere.

3. Resources

Advance Casper offers businesses and investors opportunities to connect, network and develop their business ideas. The organization collaborates with businesses and community leaders to encourage and support local businesses, while also attracting and recruiting new companies. Their goal is to help spur entrepreneurship, job creation, economic development and business diversification in Casper through collaborative efforts and initiatives.

4. Education

No business community would go far without a strong foundation in education, both for children and those looking for higher education opportunities. For families in Natrona County, open enrollment allows parents to choose from 28 schools in the county — with dual language immersion offered at select elementary schools in Mandarin or Spanish.

The newest high school in the area, Pathways Innovation Center, provides technical training to help grow the next generation of skilled employees, while the state’s largest community college, Casper College, offers over 140 academic transfer and technical and career programs. At the University of Wyoming, Casper, students earn degrees in fields ranging from biology and medical laboratory sciences to technical education and organizational leadership.

5. Quality of life

For your company’s employees, Casper attracts families wanting wide-open spaces and outdoor recreation opportunities — from fishing and hiking to skiing and biking, and everything in between. Parks and trails abound, with the North Platte River, the Rocky Mountains and Wyoming’s plains providing beautiful scenery. The area offers family-friendly neighborhoods, with entertainment including festivals, performing arts venues and museums to interest all ages. Find out why Business Insider named Casper the number six city to live in the West at ChooseCpr.com.

Want to learn how your business could thrive in Casper? Visit AdvanceCasper.com.