5 tips for hosting an epic big game get-together

(BPT) – You’ve been waiting all year long for the biggest game of the season — a day when you know you’re going to have a blast cheering on your favorite team with your friends and family. But how can you make this year’s celebration even better than ever?

Here are some tips to help you get everyone revved up and excited for the action to begin.

1. Bring on the bounty

Nothing says “this day is gonna be epic” like some oversized party snacks. How about an oversized submarine sandwich — the longer the better — and stuffed full of a variety of tasty meats, cheeses and veggies? While you’ll want to make sure to cut regular-sized portions for guests to choose from, they’ll first have to admire a sandwich that’s as long as the longest table you’ve got. Whether you order it for pickup or delivery or manage to make it yourself, this sandwich should make a statement.

Or you could consider offering up a mountain composed of your favorite chicken wings, or a giant football-shaped spinach dip (or humongous pizza, or enormous chocolate cake) to impress your guests. Whatever you serve, make sure it’s over the top, and that there’s plenty of it.

2. Go big AND go home

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A word of warning: Your friends will never want to watch TV anywhere else but at your house!

3. Dress for team success

Make sure everyone on your guest list is encouraged to wear their favorite team’s colors, or their favorite player’s jersey — along with any other creative accessories or make-up to help make their fandom crystal clear. “Dress up” your house, too, with streamers, balloons and tableware in both team’s colors so your party looks totally festive.

4. Celebrate the whole day

Involve everyone in enjoying everything about the big game experience by creating or buying bingo cards your guests can mark that are all about the much-anticipated TV ads and the halftime show. Make sure to wrap up a few fun — or funny — football-themed prizes to give out to the top bingo winners.

For avid fans, consider holding a football trivia tournament so they’ll have an opportunity to show off their epic knowledge of the game and its history.

5. Get moving to boost that team spirit

Whether you plan to start up a touch or flag football game outside in the yard before kickoff, or you rally a group of cheerleaders to show their team spirit with a routine or two, the day is even more fun when everyone gets their energy going. Weather not cooperating? Make space for an indoor bean bag toss or tabletop goal post game.

With these tips, you’re bound to have the most amazing time all day, enjoying the best game of the year with your family and friends.