5 reasons Nautical Bowls is an excellent investment for the ideal franchise partner

(BPT) – By Peter Taunton

Owning and operating a franchise isn’t for everyone, but for ambitious, hard-working entrepreneurs, it can be a sound investment. I’ve spent more than 35 years working in the franchise and business space creating, founding and innovating the franchises of three brands to over 6,000 locations in 28 countries. Today nothing brings me more joy than to see my business partners thrive and succeed when given the opportunity.

I’m always looking for new business concepts that are relevant, scalable and profitable. That’s why when I was introduced to Nautical Bowls, I saw that with some modifications it had the potential to be a new and exciting franchise opportunity in the untapped acai market.

Without having franchise experience, Bryant and Rachel Amundson looked to me to create the necessary systems, processes and modeling to introduce Nautical Bowls as a franchise concept. In just 18 short months, we have awarded 155 territories, have 40+ locations open, with another 50 locations actively in the real estate and build-out process.

When considering a new franchise, I look for simple, effective concepts with potential growth and success. What makes a franchise opportunity successful? Here are a few key components I look for in a business concept that Nautical Bowls has in spades.

1. Low cash investment

It can be expensive to start a franchise, but Nautical Bowls is an accessible, affordable option for would-be entrepreneurs. You can get started with just a $100,000 cash investment and financing is also available. Also, the small footprint (600-1,200 square feet) makes finding a space for your franchise easy and fast. Low overhead and strong net profits make it a sound investment for first-time or seasoned owners.

2. Simple business concept

You don’t need restaurant experience to be a franchise owner. This simple business concept doesn’t require advanced culinary skills, cooktops or exhaust hoods. All you need is one full-time manager and about 15 part-time employees to operate a store. This means you can be a semi-absent owner, so you can work full time while enjoying another stream of income.

3. Product relevance

Healthy fast-casual food is a hot and rapidly growing market segment. People are actively seeking healthy meals on the go, making Nautical Bowls a strong leader in the healthy fast-casual industry.

Our acai superfood bowls are all-natural, plant-based, gluten- and dairy-free, complete meals packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. In two minutes or less, guests can walk out of the store with a customized tasty treat that travels well and can be stored at home in the freezer for later.

4. Diversity portfolio

A healthy investment portfolio is a diverse one. Adding a food franchise to your existing investments can help stabilize your portfolio while increasing your income. By owning a franchise in a rapidly growing segment of the food industry, you can reap the benefits now while securing your future.

5. Lots of territories

There are hundreds of ideal markets excited for our product! We pride ourselves in holding your hand through the entire process; financing, site selection, lease negotiations, permitting, construction and training for you and your team.

If you feel you’re an ideal Nautical Bowls franchise partner we want to hear from you! We are looking for individuals who are passionate about health and wellness with an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit. If you believe you’re a great fit, visit NauticalBowls.com/Franchise to learn how you can become part of this successful team.