5 cleaning myths to keep in mind when cleaning your home this fall

(BPT) – If you tend to do a deep clean of your house in the fall, you’re not alone. According to a recent Harris Poll online survey commissioned by Bona — a sustainably driven supplier of floor cleaning solutions — 74% of U.S. adults like to do a comprehensive, deep clean in the fall to reset their living space. A deep clean of your home is always useful, but a fall deep clean is a great way to transition from one season to another and prep your home for the winter holidays.

The survey also shed light on some common preconceived notions many Americans hold about cleaning. So, before you grab your cleaning supplies, take a look and see what common cleaning myths you believe and how you can clean your home better this fall.

Myth #1: DIY solutions are safer

About 62% of U.S. adults believe DIY solutions are a safer option than currently available retail products, with 61% saying vinegar and bleach are the most important ingredients for their cleaning routines because they can be used on every surface.

The truth is that DIY cleaning solutions, like water and vinegar, are fine to use on some surfaces but can easily damage floors and other surfaces. It’s important to use effective products that are gentle enough to not damage the surface you’re cleaning.

Myth #2: Mop and bucket cleaning is the best

More than half of Americans believe an old-fashioned mop and bucket is the best way to clean floors. The fact is that mop-and-bucket cleaning can ruin flooring by over-saturating the floors and damaging them. This method also wastes precious water, which is why sustainably minded consumers opt to use spray mops.

If you’re looking for a spray mop to clean and protect your floors, check out the Bona Spray Mop. It uses 97% less water than a traditional mop and bucket, saving 157 million gallons of water per year in the U.S. Spray mops are also easier to use and, when paired with the right formulation, give you the most effective clean with the right saturation to avoid damaging your floors.

Myth #3: Specific cleaning cloths don’t matter

According to survey results, 66% of U.S. adults tend to use old rags or paper towels rather than microfiber pads or cloths when cleaning their home’s surfaces. While using rags and paper products may be cheaper and more convenient, they’re not the most effective or environmentally friendly options. Microfiber clothes are reusable, saving hundreds of disposable pads from ending up in landfills and can decrease deforestation.

Myth #4: What parents say goes

Many respondents said they prefer the classic mop-and-bucket cleaning method because they grew up knowing it (48%) and it’s the most effective/deepest clean (44%). While you may have grown up with one cleaning method, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to it forever. Cleaning formulations and tools have come a long way over the years, and there are easier options that provide a deep and effective clean.

Myth #5: Older generations do things the old-fashioned way

While nearly 60% of U.S. adults agreed that the best way to clean floors is with an old-fashioned mop and bucket, older adults aged 65 and older were less likely to agree with this statement. This age group was also the generation least likely to agree that DIY solutions are safer than those on store shelves.

The truth is, older generations had to use old-fashioned methods of cleaning for decades. Now that they have more options, they’re consciously moving away from mop-and-bucket cleaning and DIY solutions and into options like spray mops and floor-specific cleaning solutions as they see the benefits each provides. Take a cue from your elders and switch to easy-to-use, effective and safe options.

Cleaning should be safe, easy and effective. Knowing the truth behind these five myths may help you up your cleaning game this fall so you can get the deepest clean before winter sets in. To find more cleaning tips, visit Bona.com.