4 tricks to aid your wellness routine

(BPT) – The topic of wellness is a bit intimidating. With so many different trends, ways to diet or hit the gym, it can be overwhelming. With her busy and on-the-go schedule, Ana De La Reguera’s wellness routine is flexible and effective. Check out Ana’s four easy tips to make you feel your best.

Suit up as soon as you wake up

“Between my busy work and travel schedule, it’s difficult to do the type of exercises I really enjoy, like tennis or dance classes. So, if you’re like me and have a difficult time being consistent with going to the gym, I recommend changing into your gym clothes as soon as you wake up. That way, after breakfast, you’re already suited up and committed to working out.”

Squeeze in those veggies

“Don’t get me wrong, I love eating my carbs and bacon, but I truly believe that being proactive about squeezing veggies into every meal and eliminating heavier, processed foods is a healthy habit that keeps me going. One of my easy, go-to rituals is having a green juice in the morning. It’s a burst of freshness and boosts my energy for the day.”

Revitalize your smile!

“We often don’t pay attention to the importance of gum care until it is too late! And as we age, we could develop gum issues. Recently, I learned the importance of taking care of not only my teeth but also my gums. And ever since, I have made gum care a regular commitment. My favorite toothpaste is Colgate Gum Renewal. It helps target and repair early gum issues and keeps my smile healthy and revitalized.”

Make time for “me time”

“We’re all busy. Whether it’s responsibilities at home or work, many of us focus so much on doing it all that we forget to focus on ourselves. I always try to designate a time in the day where I’m spending it for myself. Having time to drink my coffee, a bath at night, or tending to my garden — those moments for myself have made me so much happier than when I’m constantly on the go.”

Be intentional about living life with smiles and positivity

“Being positive is an intentional act, and we all have the power to choose the energy we put into the world. I like to remind myself to smile, even in the most mundane situations, like during my commute to work, because that brings more positivity into my day, and that rubs off on the people around me.”