4 benefits of enclosing your porch or patio

(BPT) – Love your porch or deck and wish you could enjoy it all year long (but with fewer bugs and less time spent fighting the elements)?

Enclosing an existing porch or patio is the perfect way to add year-round functionality, value and space for what matters most to you. And doing so is more affordable than you might think, costing a fraction of what a new addition to your home would and adding just as much to its value.

If you’re looking for the best way to enclose your patio, whether with screens or glass, the decision comes with a long list of benefits. Patio Enclosures, part of the Great Day Improvements family of brands, offers a variety of versatile products that are custom manufactured to fit your existing space, providing:

  • The most room possible per square foot
  • Quick and simple installation
  • A more affordable and noninvasive solution to a home addition
  • Convenient indoor/outdoor transitions between spaces

However, the four most rewarding aspects of enclosing your porch or patio have more to do with what goes on inside your home already with the people and pastimes that mean most to you.

1. Room for more of what matters.

From holiday celebrations and other family gatherings to staycations and mental retreats, this space is ideal for resting, recharging and making memories — regardless of weather. Here, you can immerse yourself in nature year-round (grab a beverage or cozy throw and enjoy!), do more of what you love or create your own family fun space by adding a hot tub, bar or pool table. Your enclosed patio can serve as a guest room, entertaining space, a place to unwind or even a staycation destination when you need some time “away.”

2. More functional everyday living space.

Enclosing a porch, deck or other seasonal outdoor area is also the perfect way to expand your functional indoor space. Glass and screens create a great sunlit environment that can be enjoyed as a dining room, family room or kids’ playroom. Plus, the longevity of costly furniture and décor will be extended since they’ll be protected from the elements year-round.

3. A boost in your home’s value.

Enclosing this outdoor space adds more functional square footage to your property and increases its value. Speaking of value, it’s also more affordable and noninvasive than a home renovation or building project, meaning your life can continue as usual, free from contractors and their construction equipment taking over your house. Win-win. Focus on boosting your own mental health and well-being by using it as a yoga or workout room or home office space.

4. Lots of natural light and a closer connection to nature.

A patio enclosure is ideal for embracing indoor-outdoor living. It helps bridge the gap between the feeling of being outside while still enjoying the comforts of being in, with lots of light and fresh air, but no bugs, inclement weather, yard debris, dust or pollen — does it get better than that? If you’re in need of the perfect spot for enjoying your morning coffee, crafting, napping or sunbathing with your pets, this is it.

Gaining valuable space to do more of the things you enjoy with the people you love transforms how you think about and use your home’s interior. Learn more about the many ways to enclose a porch or patio and explore Patio Enclosures’ complete line of quality home improvement solutions for your patio and outdoor living spaces, including sunrooms and other enclosures.