3 easy ways to make a positive impact on our food ecosystem

(BPT) – Our ecosystem consists of many important elements, from plants to insects and animals to water sources. One of the crucial components of our food ecosystem are the honey bees, as they are responsible for the pollination of more than a third of the foods we eat, as well as the production of the honey we enjoy. Whether you’re a fearless foodie or just trying to prepare meals the whole family can enjoy, all of us can play a role in protecting honey bees and the beekeepers that care for them.

The National Honey Board is sharing easy ways everyone can do their part in supporting honey bees by incorporating all-natural honey into their day-to-day lives during National Honey Month this September and beyond:

1. Eat honey and pollinator foods all day long

As an all-natural sweetener, honey can transform and elevate any recipe, from a smoothie made with yogurt, honey and berries (which are pollinated by honey bees), salad dressings to top off your kale salad (also pollinated by honey bees!), to marinades for fish or chicken. There are so many ways to use honey in every meal of the day.

For the occasions you don’t have time to cook, you can still support honey bees by purchasing products that are made with honey, like foods, snacks and beverages from likeminded brands such as Justin’s, Mary’s Gone Crackers, TEAKOE, This Saves Lives, Sprecher Brewery and Tillamook Country Smoker.

2. Make your yard honey bee friendly

There are many easy ways to make your home a haven for honey bees. One easy way is to plant pollinator plants in your backyard — like lavender, poppies or other wildflowers common in your area. This will attract honey bees and keep your backyard looking beautiful. Additionally, DIY your own bee watering hole with a small pot filled with stones and water to help hydrate honey bees — they need water just like humans do!

3. Spread the buzz on supporting honey bees

It is never too early for someone to learn about how they can help support our planet, and make it fun at the same time! Host your own honey bee-themed party for National Honey Month and share with your friends and family all the benefits honey bees have in our lives. Incorporate honey-themed and sustainable décor, like beeswax candles, or create a signature drink that incorporates honey for your guests to enjoy. Lastly, send them home with some sweet honey-infused treats so they can continue supporting pollinators from the comfort of their own home. All of this will sure make for a meaningful and purposeful soiree.

By incorporating these tips into your daily routines, people from all over can help to support these mighty pollinators. The National Honey Board is initiating “Honey Saves Hives,an educational program aimed to bring awareness to the importance of honey bees and their crucial role in the ecosystem at large and global food supply. Consider partaking in these small but mighty initiatives to help support the bees, and as a result, our planet.