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Stuck inside? Easy tips to freshen up your living space

Winter weather means more time living indoors — working, playing, relaxing and staying warm. It's important to keep your home fresh by staying ahead of the continual buildup of dirt, dust and allergens. The following are some key areas to tackle for a comfortable and efficient home.Wash windowsWashing away dirt and water marks from your windows and screens gives you a clear view of the outdoors and lets in more natural light. It will also make your home feel lighter... read more
Beautiful bedroom with cypress wood ceiling

Creating a dream home with cypress

Transforming the unremarkable into the extraordinary need not be an impossible task. More and more homeowners are finding that lavish looks are both attainable and affordable. Their imaginative design professionals are making it happen, using cypress to create their clients dream homes.Wood is a classic and timeless building material, says Stephen Logue of the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association....
LG ThinQ product shot

Smart home update 2018: New products that organize your life through voice

The artificial intelligence thats already taking the world by storm is ramping up even more in 2018, enabling a number of innovative new smart home tools that can make your life easier, more comfortable or just more fun.Throughout the year, consumers worldwide are expected to spend $102 billion on hardware, services and installation related to smart home systems,...
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5 spring remodeling projects sure to brighten your home

During the coldest months of the year, its hard not to think about the warmer months to come — and all that they hold. You may already be planning your next vacation or outdoor activities to host in your backyard this summer. Now is the time to brainstorm about your spring home remodeling projects that can add enjoyment...
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Proven tips to streamline meal prep on busy weeknights

Weekday schedules get crazy, which is why the first casualty of all that chaos is the family dinner.While most families say eating together is a high priority, day-to-day reality is different. According to a 2013 poll by NPR and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, only half of children in the U.S. are in families that dine together. Yet...
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